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Name: Kearyn/Excel | Gender: Wicked Witch | Age: 26 | Posts: 1,116 | Roses: 15
Old 12-03-2010 at 11:50 PM
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Opera Job Application Centre  Post [1] »

Opera Job Application and Availability

Attention All Applicants!

Here you may apply to the job of your choosing for each of your characters. Please note the limit on how many characters may share the same job--these numbers will change to fit the amount of active members currently on the forums. Jobs that show a number with a plus sign (+) are open without an application. Just post here your character name and a link to their profile and we will update the list.

Company jobs

Principal Tenor/Baritone/Soprano/Mezzo Soprano
Frederick Worthington - Tenor
Ember Slight - Soprano
Victor David Santos - Baritone
Alexandria Barrett - Mezzo Soprano

Secondary Tenor/Baritone/Soprano/Mezzo Soprano
Dikaya LaFlore - Mezzo Soprano
Standby Tenor/Baritone/Soprano/Mezzo Soprano
Chorus/Supporting Company (15+)
Isabella Delancy
Victoria Greneaux
Chianna Mimieux
Vincent Price
Wes Harlow

Faustine Dumont
Prima Ballerina/Premier danseur (1 ea.)
Victorine Delavent
Rafael Lamaroux
Corps De Ballet (15+)
Reese Cordova
Lucile d'Aubigne
Swings (5)
Rachel Walker

Orchestra/Music Direction

Conductor (2)
Andrea Janvier
Lily Grace Hamilton
Oboe/Carinet/Reed (4)
Violins (10)
Polaris Ventâme
Christian Lisle
Easy Tanner
Isadora Langton

Scarlett Beaumont
Demetria Pak Falcon
Viola (6)
Cello (6)
Sydney Irvine
Jaxyn Aranville
Trumpet/Cornet (4)
French Horn (4)
Gabrielle Muley
Trombone/Tuba/Baritone Brass (4)
Percussion (5)
Maureen Dawson - Piano

Production, Direction and Friends of the Opera

Resident Artistic Director (1)
Evangaline Etherington
Guest Director (1)
Bebe Lothair
Composer/Writer (2+ ea.)
Grafton Nickelson Russio - Playwright
Bella Whimsy Grace - Playwright

Music Director (1)
Simone Perry
Choreographer (1)
Ballet Mistress (1)
Madeleine Ledoux de Chandon
Technical Director (1)
Luc Danier
Stage Manager (1)
Santiago Ortiz
Assistant Stage Manager (2)
William MaCarthy
Lighting Director/Designer (1)
Sound Director/Designer (1)
Lighting/Sound Crew (5+)
Flies Operators(2+)
Chief Costume Designer (1)
Costume Design Team (5+)
Seamstress/Tailor (5+)
Arianne Brodeur
Wig/Hair Department (5)
Chief Set Designer (1)
Set Design Team (5+)
Jennifer Hennings
Cameron Taylor
Damien Blackwood-Michaud

Dressers (4+)
Stage Hands (5+)
Phoenix Mercer
Golden Sebastian Hunt

Mark Blaze
Theresa Alderidge

Patrons (6)
James Sawyer
Marina Nightingale
Evrard Ludovic-Marcellin
Lucian Michaud

Valter Gottfrid
Evelyn Aldridge

House Jobs

Usher/Usherette (5+)
House Manager (1)
Opera Manager (3)
Jean Sauveur
Aurèlien Renard
Resident Artists (3)
Josue "Marcus" Rousseau - Photographer
House Custodial Team (5)
Dorian Grayson
Director of Publicity (1)
Evea Perry
Publicity Team (5+)
Aryeh Feldman - Critic
Resident Physician (1)
Pieter Lachen
Medical Team (5)
Alexander Carey
Reid Collier - Standby Psychiatrist
Arielle Montgomery
Resident Psychiatrist (1)
Ramona Ingram
Resident Physiotherapist (1)
Security Team
Melody Pond

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Name: Kearyn/Excel | Gender: Wicked Witch | Age: 26 | Posts: 1,116 | Roses: 15
Old 12-04-2010 at 12:49 AM
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It's Phantom meets Hamlet- Phamlet!

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Job Details

F.A.Q. about Jobs

Here is the list of jobs that many may not know exactly what they are. If there are other jobs that need clarification do feel free to ask and we will add them to the list!

Company jobs

Premier danseur
The Prima Ballerina cannot dance alone--she needs a male partner!

Think of these people as understudies to the understudies. These company members are vital for any company to function! They know several roles at once and are ready to cover any part from an ensemble part to a lead role at the very last second.

Orchestra/Music Direction

Percussion is an incredibly broad term for anything that you hit and makes a noise (like a manager's head!). To be specific, this includes drums, timpani, piano, harp, and other little toys that may make cameos (whistles, bells, anything!). Cause, really... doesn't an orchestra just need more noise? Well, that and a beat.

Production, Direction and Friends of the Opera

Flies Operators
Remember the sets that come in from the ceiling of the stage? Those sets are defined as being "flown in". But they don't just drop in whenever they're needed. They have people pulling cables, ropes and wires to help move in the right set at the right time. Want to be a flies operator? Go for it! We need the strong people!

Those performers can't change out of their costumes in 50 seconds or less without the help of the dressers! These production members keep track of every performer's costume, help them make quick changes, or even get into the large and heavy costumes with enough time to spare for the performer to make their cue!

Stage Hands
We need people to help the stage managers during shows. These dedicated people move props and set pieces during shows, help set the show for the next evening, pull curtains and whatever else the stage managers or assistant stage managers may need. On top of that, they assist in the set construction before a show goes up. Talk about hard workers!

Money doesn't grow on trees. No, really, it doesn't. These people feel that art is completely nessicary in today's society. Donating their own money from their pocket to help shows get off their feet, investing in new shows and supporting artists, these people make the opera possible to thrive and grow in completely new ways!

House Jobs

Resident Artists
Living in the opera house, these artists find any way possible to visually record shows without a camcorder. Paintings of memorable scenes, photographs for promotional reasons and any other method possible to etch a moment and help everyone remember it--for public or archival purposes.

House Custodial Team
You think the opera foyer, auditorium, and bathrooms stay clean by themselves? Think again! Without these hands that are willing to spare their own cleanliness for a short while to help clean up whatever mess was made, the mess would ... well, stay messy. Mind you do say thanks to these dedicated hands, who knows when you'll need their help with opening a locked door, or cleaning up a mess!

*We all know that to be a Patron is not an actual job, but we have it here for suggestions of what to have your character be--so if they are a patron, it's quite likely they have a job outside the opera. Feel free to get creative that way!

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Name: A. Renee | Gender: Female | Age: 24 | Posts: 19 | Roses: 10
Old 08-19-2012 at 04:41 AM
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Mariëtta de Cloete as a member of the Corps de Ballet please!

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Name: Samantha | Gender: Female | Age: 30 | Posts: 654 | Roses: 0
Old 08-29-2014 at 04:47 AM
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Alexia Marren as a member of corps de ballet

Banner by Kearyn!
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Name: Christine | Gender: Female | Age: 29 | Posts: 32 | Roses: 10
Old 03-10-2016 at 06:08 AM
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I don't know how to put links in a post but I'd like my character Christine Suquara, sorry, I spelled her last name worng because I haven't been on here for a while. But anyways, I want her to be in the chorus, then work her way up to be a soprano.

Beneath the opera house, I know he's there.
He's with me on the stage, he's everywhere.
And when my song begins, I always find, the phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind.
"Christine Daaé! Where is your red scarf?"
You couldn't have lost it. After all the trouble I caused! I was just 14 and soked to the skin!"
"Because you had run into the sea to fech my scarf! Oh Raoul, so it is you!"
Roses, the color of blood filled her lap. In her hands she held a mask. She knew that her home was the house on the lake. Her angel of music would always be there singing songs in her head.
Are you so sure that a small jar would contain me, madame?
Three long years I've nelt in silence
Held your memory near me.
Three long years of murmured sorrow
Willing you to hear me...
“Passing bells and sculpted angels, cold and monumental...”
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