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James Matthew Sawyer  Post [1]

Username: Erik
Character Name: James Matthew Sawyer
DOB: May 13
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Occupation: Writer, Patron, Actor

Appearance: For a man who has just hit fourty years old, James is an attractive man. He has short, thick black hair that easily stays in place, with silver strands which do not take away from his appearance. On the contrary, they add to his good looks, making him seem wiser and more well defined. He has dark eyes, that are almost always sparkling with an intelligent thought, or a laughter, depending on his mood.

He is of average height at 5'10, and takes extraordinarily good care of himself. He is active, not particularily adept at sport he has chosen running to be his preferred excercise, and he makes sure he is healthy because he fears illnesses, and is therefore also a germaphobe, and very OCD about it.

Personality: James is a outgoing person. He has an easy charm, a sarcastic wit, and a smile so warm it could melt a glacier in five seconds flat. He is more honest than most people, though he doesn't enjoy being cruel. He enjoys being around other people, is incredibly witty, and loves using sarcasm in everyday speech. His father was a comedian, and his mother was exceptionally charming, and he was lucky enough to inherit the best of both worlds. At least, this is how he is percieved by the public.

Those close to James, however, know that there are vast differences in how he acts around people and how he is in private. He prefers to be alone, finding the quiet comforting, and would rather skip major parties and events and spend the night with a good book. His opinions are strong, yet he rarely expresses them, and he avoids fighting at all costs. In actual fact, despite the life he leads in public, he has panic attacks regularily, and has a general anxiety about most situations. He has a mild case of chicken little syndrome, and while he is not agoraphobic he is quite claustrophobic, and many other phobics as well. His double life is something he does because he is expected to be everything that strangers think he is by his family and his friends, and due to his real personality he couldn't find a way to be himself in every day society while he knew that others were looking for a different him.

His friends think that he is the life of the party, though in reality it is all an image that James upholds for the sake of sanity. Not even his close friends know what he does for a living. They know he writes books, but he has only ever published one under his real name, while he has published over twenty novels under a pseudonym. The only reason he ever published the one book under his name was so that he wouldn't have to make anything up when he was asked what he did for a living, and it had worked. In his books is where he dares to truely show himself, where no one can realize that it is him. The only safe place to shed his double life is in the detailed and sometimes poetic words he writes in his novels.

History: When he was a young boy, James took an early interest in literature, learning how to read before he even entered kindergarten. He also showed a strong passion for acting as well. While the other kids in his elementary school moaned and groaned about having to act a part in the school play each year, James embraced his assigned roles, always putting forth the most effort out of all of his classmates, a trend that would continue throughout his education. When James reached high school, he starred in every play, and he even wrote a few of his own, though he was too shy to ever present them to the directors.

He was a quick study, and was soon perfecting his skills in college, all the while keeping up with his writing. Words were a rare form of expression for James, who appreciated them and never shared his work outside of assignments. He worked his way up the ladder of success, starting as an intern at the local news network after he graduated from college with a degree in communications, and going on to be one of the most recognized faces in news television. While this gave him a comfortable salary, and made him well respected in society for his extreme patriotism but critical eye of events and governments including his, after five years he found that he was not happy with his career in the spotlight anymore. Due to his anxiety, he found it necessary to have a guilty shot of something strong in his coffee, and given how concerned with his health he became, James was always weary of starting his day with a bit of alcahol before having to go do something in an environment he hated. So he rearranged his life, and, living off of the comfortable inheritance he had recieved from a favourite uncle of his, began writing his first book.

He lead an ordinary life, his parents never having been abusive, opressive, or anything else negative, so he really had no complaints other than the fact that everything seemed too ordinary to him. He is an only child, and his life seemed predictable, so he escaped this in his first book, which became a huge success, and paved the way for him to continue his writing as a career. Eventually, he made enough money to buy his parents a nice house in the town where he grew up, and he decided to travel to Europe and see the things he had read about in books. Once there, he fell in love with the continent, and hopped from country to country, drinking in every moment of his time spent there. His favourite country was France, and when he returned home he found himself restless, wanting badly to return to Paris. It took another ten years of an unsatisfied life in America until to come to the realization that he was completely unsatisfied, and he moved to Paris at the age of thirty-four, not knowing the language and not caring about it at all.

He picked the French up within a year, and he continued to write despite having made an embarassing amount of money with his books. He never spends a dime more than he has to, not because he's cheap, but because he has simple tastes. He wears nice clothes, suites and ties, and he buys his nice things when he feels like it, but he doesn't feel the need to buy everything just because he can.

After holding his own box, simply because it was more comforting to sit in the same seat every time he visited the opera, at the Opera Populaire for ten years, it suddenly occured to him that he could be a patron and be a bigger part of the opera, something that had grown for him from a past time to a love of his, and he had promptly begun donating a generous amount of money to the opera house. This contribution makes him a respected member of the community, or it would anyway if Paris wasn't so hung up on the fact that he was a patriotic American. This fact keeps him in the shadowy side of most Parisian's opinions, but lucky for him he doesn't pay attention to other peoples opinions of him based on his patriotism.

Part of the reason James lives a double life is that he feels he cannot truely be himself considering where he was raised. He was brought up in a small town in Maryland, USA, where he went to church every Sunday and kept quiet when he wanted to question the methods of his Roman Catholic church. When he went through his teens, he started feeling the stirs of lust and love that every teen began to feel, the only difference being that out of everyone he knew he was the only one that was feeling everything for his sex. Even then he knew that it was unacceptable in his town, and he has gone through life living a lie to even himself, throwing himself into relationships and one night stands with women to try to help him change. When he took off to Paris, though, he stopped trying to change himself and accepted that it was who he was, but has always been too shy to approach another man he is attracted to.

Hobbies: Theater, reading, music, art, travel.

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