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Name: Linda | Gender: Female | Posts: 147 | Roses: 10
Old 03-09-2015 at 05:24 PM
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Obnoxious details in television shows  Post [1]

This has been bugging me for sometime now, so thought I would throw it out for discussion. This isn't anything new, some television show details have been outright obnoxious for years. But we're in a new technology and culture today so for characters to go above and beyond the norm every week is on the obnoxious side to me.

One of my favorite shows is Rizzoli and Isle. I like the chemistry between the two leads but lately, it seems the show just goes out of its way to include obnoxious details. For example, all of the male detectives wear suits, but the dress code apparently does not apply to Rizzoli. Occasionally she'll sport a blazer but her outfit of choice is a tight t-shirt and hip hugger pants. Don't get me wrong, it's a great look for her. But she wears pretty much exactly the same thing when she's off the clock.

Dr. Isles, the show's medical examiner, is a designer clothes horse who has no problem wearing her designer clothes during autopsies as well at the scene of the crime. Imagine what can happen to designer shoes that come in contact with bodily fluids. That never happens to Dr. Isles though. I think the worst thing that happened is she stepped in some mud.

Naturally, the two women are brainy. Rizzoli was an honor recruit and Isles has been winning science fairs since she was two. No offense to the Boston PD, but what are these two women doing working there? They should be in some top notch government operation. But that aside, I don't know why they have to be brilliant in the first place. Does it really take a brilliant mind to look at a body and come to the conclusion that it had been moved? Are there extra IQ points for saying, "yep, he's been stabbed"?

Rizzoli is the only female detective among males. Dr. Isles on the other hand, has a female assistant and there are no males in the morgue.

One of the actors that portrayed a detective who worked with Rizzoli committed suicide last year. The show replaced him with an actor who portrays Rizzoli's younger brother. Not a second cousin once removed or some distant relative, but a younger brother. Hmmm, I guess there's no problem with close family members working together sharing sensitive details. Some much for privacy and leaking information.

Then there's the off duty times where both leads get work calls, usually at the same time or just about the same time. For the *same* murder. (It's always a murder by the way, no one just dies naturally anymore or even commits suicide). I'm sorry, but the medical examiner does not always have to be at the scene of the crime at the same time the police do, much less with her best buddy so they can discuss details to clue in the audience. It amazes me that they're on call to begin with. They're not IT people and they're not the only personnel who can do the job that they have to be on call to begin with. It's Boston, not some little town way out in the country with no other resources.

The final weirdness occurred not long ago when Rizzoli found herself pregnant. Instead of staying behind a desk and taking care of herself and baby, what did she do? Despite morning sickness, she insisted on being the rough and tumble detective. The first mishap was a fall (luckily on a soft bed of leaves) so she and the baby ended up being just fine. Not learning her lesson there though, she decided later in the season that it was up to her to pursue and apprehend a killer (she had the foresight to wear a bullet proof jacket, though). She fell several times and I believe even got shot. She lost the baby, but still had the fortitude to act surprised. Really? Duh. I am actually surprised the show let her keep the baby that long.

I know it sounds like I'm nit picking but I'm not. I just find it almost outrageous that the viewer has to suspend belief just to get through some of these television shows. Do any of you encounter anything like this? Feel free to share.
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Name: Michelle | Gender: n/a | Posts: 42 | Roses: 10
Old 08-12-2015 at 02:14 AM
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 Post [2]

Heh, yeah a lot of shows can be pretty sloppy and unbelievable. One of my favourites is when investigators zoom in on crappy security footage and magically enhance it to impossible resolutions. More generally, it's annoying when shows get science horribly wrong, but still try to sound really smart about it.

Character-wise, I get really bothered by OOC actions. Usually it's because of laziness on the writer's parts, such as by writing a character a certain way out of convenience to serve the plot instead of the character.

Here's an example. In one show I watched recently, a semi-main character (who was always depicted as very smart and capable) was hiding from a killer looking for her, and she was situated in a very protected, hidden area, with a guard and everything. But out of the blue, she leaves to go get some fresh air, without telling the guard (and he doesn't notice). So she goes to a cheap motel room and hangs out there for a while. Obviously, the killer finds her there, and her death is a huge, sad moment for the main characters (and the audience) who have just lost a great friend, and a lot of conflict ensues from there.

I mean... this wasn't just a small, annoying OOC moment. This was a huge plot point and moment for the show, and made absolutely no sense! Moments like that are really frustrating.
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