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Name: Hollie | Gender: Female | Posts: 2,814 | Roses: 215
Old 05-09-2011 at 10:21 AM
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What's your favourite TV series?  Post [1] »

I want to know what is your favourite TV series at the moment?

It can be currently on TV, an oldie but a goodie on DVD, are you watching it online?

What genre is it? Would you recommend it to others?

I've got a lot but I'm currently watching the anime Soul Eater online, and in between that Vampire Knight on dvd. Apparently Vampire Knight is on ABC tv weeknights but I had been working late so missed most of it.

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Name: Cassie | Gender: Señorita | Posts: 4,083 | Roses: 185
Old 05-09-2011 at 02:42 PM
Mrs Nadir Khan
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 Post [2] »

So I have two favorites: One current, one old. One American, one British. One (mostly) lighthearted, one super serious.

The first show is Fox's Glee. It's the only show currently on air that I race to catch and will watch on Hulu if I miss it. Don't get me wrong, I know it has it's shortcomings, like plot inconsistencies (SPOILER: What even happened to Quinn's baby? It's like Rachel's mom adopted her and then took a family vaycay to the Bermuda triangle!). But Glee is fun. And a little bit of peppy song-and-dance has kind of kept me from taking everything too seriously this year. I'd reccomend it to anyone who like music (of any sort, except maybe hardcore metal, rap, or classical because Glee either hasn't attempted them or hasn't done them justice yet) and anyone who doesn't mind quirky. Think you just won't be able to stomach it because you're too cool for a show about a high school glee club? Just remember. My ex-Air Force father can be found on the couch every Tuesday night, glued to the next episode of Glee, often singing along.

The other show is an older (but not old) mini-series from the BBC: The State Within. It's a political/conspiracy thriller about the a (fictional) terrorist attack made by an al-Qaeda like group on a British flight to DC and the diplomatic/political individuals both British and American who work to uncover what happened. It takes place over the span of (I think) a week and it follows the British Ambassador to Washington, the US Secretary of Defense, an MI-6 officer, an arms-dealer big wig, an FBI agent, a human rights lawyer, a political prisoner, and.... I think that's it. There is a lot that happens and I'm thankful to have gotten a hold of the DVDs as opposed to watching it online because when I watch on my computer, I'm always tempted to minimize and work on something... And The State Within is one of those shows where you cannot blink. It's a mini-series... So only 6 hours long in total. But even though it's divided into hour-long episodes, it genuinely feels like some epic movie. I'd reccomend it to anyone who A) Like British actors, but wishes British film had more stuff that blows up, B) Follows politics, even half-heartedly, or C) Is into any of those crime shows (CSI, NCIS, whatever), but doesn't get all the science-y stuff and wants the same kind of thrill of solving a modern-day mystery.
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Name: Aviana | Gender: Ange de Musique | Posts: 98 | Roses: 10
Old 05-09-2011 at 09:06 PM
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 Post [3] »

My favorite TV series is "24". For anyone who hasn't seen it, the show occurs in real time, covering a 24 hour period (thus the title) in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer who works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles. During these 24 hours, Jack and his fellow agents race against the clock to prevent various terrorist attacks (assassination attempts, nuclear bombs, biological viruses, etc.). It's a really excellent show - the acting, writing, and music are all great. I would definitely recommend it to people who like good action, drama, suspense, plot twists, and character development. However, if you have a hard time stomaching violence this probably isn't the show for you (I've winced during a few scenes myself).

Another show I really like is "Lie to Me". It's about a deception expert named Cal Lightman and his team, who read people's micro expression's to determine whether or not they're lying.
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Name: Jennifer | Gender: Female | Age: 28 | Posts: 481 | Roses: 10
Old 05-13-2011 at 09:29 PM
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 Post [4] »

3 of my top faves would have to be:

1. NCIS: What fan of crime shows doesn't love this show? It's awesome! I can't wait for the season finale Tuesday!

2. Family Guy. Just really, really hilarious! Stewie's my fave character. Brian's maybe a close second. I kinda like and feel sorry for Meg, though. Always getting teased and pushed aroung by the other characters. C'mon guys, give Meg a break!

3. Charmed. A show about 3 sisters who find out they're witches and all the adventures that come along with that. Another awesome show, they show reruns on the TNT channel a lot.

(I have others,but they are too numerous to mention here.)

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Name: Sandra | Gender: female | Age: 40 | Posts: 53 | Roses: 10
Old 05-25-2011 at 05:27 PM
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 Post [5] »

I have a few series I love watching.

1. Dexter--a show about a a cop who moonilights as a serial killer who ony kills other serial killers. So dark and twisted, but highly interesting.

2. Smallville--show about Superman growing up and learning about his abilities and weakness. Awesome show for any Superman fan!

3. Friends--still love this show! I have all 10 seasons on DVD.

There are others, but I'm drawing blanks right now.

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Name: Kate O'Keefe | Gender: Female | Age: 27 | Posts: 29 | Roses: 10
Old 07-17-2011 at 09:11 AM
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 Post [6] »

1. Merlin. I think it's the Arthurian geek in me, but I absolutely adore this show! It has its flaws, yes, but for the most part it's really good at writing characters, especially its villains. I love how Morgana's developed into being the most complex character in the show (I love her!) and I love how Arthur has to earn his title as king.

2. The Tudors/The Borgias. They're both so good and being two great shows on history produced by the same company that I have to put them in the same place. They have their inaccuracies, but film-wise they're beautifully done, the costumes are gorgeous and the scores are fantastic!

3. Beauty and the Beast. The T.V. show from the eighties with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. It's corny at times, but I love the underground community and how they connect with each other. Roy Dotrice is such a joy to watch and the main villain is Tony freaking Jay! You can't get much more awesome than that!

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