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Hello and welcome to you both! I'm James, one of the moderators on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

It's wiser to be mad... in a world that's gone insane!
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Originally Posted by yasamine View Post
Hi I'm yasamine . I think I'm kinda obsessed with the phantom and my favorite versions are : leroux and kay's version and movies such as:the 2004,the 1990,the 1889 versions. I think it was a great story and what a pity that no one yet made a proper movie from leroux's book(sorry for wrong grammer and mabey spelling!)
Thank you for reading my friends and Its a pleasure being in this site
I love the book, I've read it twice and plan to do so again. As for not making a version of the book the closest version to the book is the 1925/29 versions which I think are amazing. Especially with the score by Carl Davis. But I'd really love to see a good up to date version of the book being made all the ones that I've seen didn't live up to it. But I LOVE the 2004 movie.
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