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If you have never seen or heard of this musical, you are in good company. I had only briefly heard it mentioned once or twice before actually seeing it. And even then I only watched it because the movie was given to me as a Christmas present.

It is absolutely AMAZING!! The whole musical is centered around America getting it's independence from the British. And no, it isn't a battle field musical with explosions and cannon fire and wounded soldiers lamenting for loss of limb and love. The entire production focuses on Congress and the internal struggles within as the states are arguing over the questions of war, freedom from Britain, slavery in the states, and every other matter that was discussed when the Declaration of Independence was drafted.

It sounds like a terrible bore, I know, but the score and script were both absolutely fabulous. It's brilliantly hilarious and peppered with a little raunchy humor and double entendres (as to be expected with a room full of bored quarreling old men) and laugh out loud political zingers. Another amazing aspect (at least for a history nerd like me) was the outstanding historical accuracy! Most of the facts are credible, only the minute details are exaggerated or elaborated on for humors sake, and the personalities and appearances of all of the founding fathers are spot on.

Enough rambling! Has anyone else seen it besides just me?
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