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Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera 2nd Edition Released  Post [1]

Thanks to my cover designer extraordinaire, Robin Ludwig, the 2nd edition (print version) of Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera will hit Amazon in a few weeks with a new look. The price will drop dramatically from $19.99 to $7.99. The eBook version sells for $1.99.

The second edition contains 11 posts beyond the original version released in May of 2009. Most additional posts focus on Leroux. It's been my number one selling book for quite some time, for which I'm extremely grateful.

I'm done dissecting the dang story folks! That's all there is. I want to clarify too for those unfamiliar with the blog, that it was never meant to be a literary review of Gaston Leroux. As most of you who have followed the blog since the inception, it's really just a down-to-earth look at the characters, emotions, symbols, and events, and how the story is filled with life lessons. I use the movie, stage, and original version throughout. The reprinted Webber lyrics cost me a hefty licensing fee to put in the book too, but I think it was well worth it.

The blog, of course, will always be free if you don't mind digging through 110 plus posts since January of 2008. I will not take it down, as I still have many people worldwide who read the posts online. It just rolled over 75,500 hits.

I hope you like the new look. The front cover picture is the interior of the Paris Opera House, and I have a thing for roses as you can see on the back.

Peace to the lair,

The Phantom's Student
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Thank you dear, nice post
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