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Old 03-24-2008 at 09:40 PM
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A personal plea, regarding rules and questions  Post [1]

Dear members,

Can I remind you all that we have numourous threads on TPO that offer rules, help and guidence. Please READ these threads. I, personally, am tired of having to reprimind members for not doing something when it is stated clearly in the board/forum/thread rules that they should. This is not aimed specifically at any one member, but a general plea to all. I may be a perfectionist and maybe a bit too pedantic (I blame my father.. :p), but when there are big signposts shoutng out at you, follow them, please! Guideline threads are clearly marked in their specific forums, and the main ones appear at the head of the main board page, so you should have no excuse for not reading them. Thank you.

The main issues
1. In the mature discussion sub-forum, please PM a staff member with any new discussion topics, and we will create the thread and moderate the replies closely. This is because this forum can contain extremly controversial topics and we must be able to control these and make sure no one is offended by someone's views. This is not intended as a dig at any member who may have not followed these wishes in the past, but a reminder to all that the rules are there for a reason, so please abide by them. Thanks.
The rules for the mature discussion subforum are here.

2. When you create a new,or alter an old signature, please make sure it abides by the signature rules. These rules are there to make the forum look clean, tidy and professional. Large signatures or animations also hassle members with slower internet connections.
The signature guidelines are here.
If in doubt as to whether your signature is within the limits, post in the signature check thread here and a member of staff will get back to you.

3. If you have questions, use the help and questions forum here. If you cannot find an existing thread about what you want to know, make a new one, but ONLY if there isn't an existing one.

4. Roses. They are explained here, so please don't make countless extra threads with your rose-based questions. Ask any questions you have in the link I just gave you.

Sorry to sound such a nagging bore,
Em - The Opera Ghost

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