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Name: Chelsea | Gender: Female | Age: 27 | Posts: 2 | Roses: 10
Old 06-21-2011 at 05:00 PM
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It's Never Over  Post [11] »

Now that I know for sure where to post a new idea for approval, lol.......

Dramatis Personae:

Erik, the sunlight-challenged, love-lorn, extremely jealous/territorial, tragically romantic/romantically tragic, some-would-say-Emo Phantom of the Opera

Christine, the lonely Choriste who has yet to find her break-through (I call the role)

Ivy, Christine's toxic friend

Kitty, Christine's meek and mild adoptive sister, has a more substantial part in Christine's life than "Meg" in either the novel or the ALW version.

Ross, Christine's quirky, peppy, lighthearted friend-turned-lover

Basic plot:

It's basically the story we all know and love, except for the fact that Ivy is a completely new entity, and in the end, I would love for Christine to choose Erik and stay with him instead of leaving with Ross, and for Ross and Kitty to get together. Ivy, a very toxic and dangerous influence on Christine, starts out in the story and leaves the plot after failing to steal Erik away from the newly romantically-awakened Christine.

Suggestions for era and/or setting? I'm a period-player at heart but will consider making this contemporary to accommodate for a new explanation of Erik's disfigurement.

Open to anyone who wants to play.

How about it, guys?

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Name: Jenn | Gender: Female | Posts: 1 | Roses: 10
Old 08-12-2011 at 11:35 PM
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Those Three Months  Post [12] »

Role Playing Game Name:

Those Three Months

General Characters (* symbolizing taken)

Erik (the Phantom)

*Christine Daae*

Raoul de Chagny

Madame Giry

Any other OC's you'd like to include

Erik- "The Phantom" we all are aware of. White half mask, smokey green-blue eyes, dark blond hair generally concealed by a black wig. At times found arrogant, and is overly possessive. Is very passionate. Has slightly tanned skin, as well as a muscled build and a powerful approach. Is very musically gifted. A genius. Although his age has not been specified, he is suspected to be around thirty.

Christine Daae- Like Erik, is talented when it comes to music. But has obtained most of her skills from him, flourishing with his teachings. Brown, long, curly locks, and chocolate colored eyes. A young woman, aged sixteen. At times shy, yet is very curious and compassionate. Will speak her mind. Shows an ardent side. Ivory complexion. A lithe build, built from years of dancing. Currently engaged to Raoul. (I would like to play as her).

Raoul de Chagny- Light brown hair that falls to his shoulders. Has stunning blue eyes and an average physique. He is extremely caring, and protective of his fiancé, Christine. Brought up in a rich, mannered life-style. Raoul is very polite to others, and never takes advantage of the weak. Young man, suspected eighteen- twenty

Madame Giry- Dark brown hair, dark eyes. Hair usually found in a tightened braid. She is strict, and a guardian to "her girls". She is observant and is not the last to speak. Madame had past relations with Erik, rescuing him from the traveling circus when he was put on display there. She frequently visits Erik and attempts to steer him in the correct direction.

Open or Closed: Open! Feel free to contribute! (Really in need of an Erik, as Christine is already occupied).

Usernames of RP members: GhostlyMelody, anyone else who'd like to join

General Idea/Storyline:

Who says three months of peace..?

What if between "All I Ask of You" and "Masquerade" the Phantom and his Christine did not stay departed?

Erik grows weary of the games they played, and is enraged at Raoul and Christine's engagement.

To make his sorrow known, he plots his revenge. He forces her to continue lessons. And every night he drags her down to his lair, to proceed with singing lessons. Her tutor is no longer in her head--but in reality.

Seeking salvation, she attempts to escape her Angel's brutal grasp. Yet every time they prove futile as he brings her down again and again.

Christine will slowly find her heart and love rests not with Raoul ... but someone else ...

I grace the reflection, achieving a dIsToRtIoN. . .
Music is what intertwined their love for all of eternity.
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Name: Kiki | Gender: southern girl | Posts: 278 | Roses: 10
Old 08-21-2011 at 04:35 PM
Karo Kiba
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 Post [13] »

Do these RPs have to be phantom-related or can they be something totally different?

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Name: phantomsangel | Gender: female | Age: 31 | Posts: 1 | Roses: 10
Old 04-19-2012 at 02:48 AM
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 Post [14] »

Role Playing Game Name: A new Generation
General Characters:
Cassy Decker, Eric (otherwise known as the phantom), Megan Giry, Ms Giry, Raymond de Chagny

Open or Closed: Open
Usernames of RP members: phantomsangel1 (me)
General Idea/Storyline:

Setting: present time in a small town outside of NYC

Our story revolves around Cassy a young adult who dreams of being on stage wowing audiances bringimg them to laughter and tears but fears that she does not posess the talent or "the look" that most actresses nowadays have, until one day she meets Eric who starts as an online coach through the use of webcams helping her unleash her true talents until they one day meet and the story unfolds from there. It follows very close to the stage and film versions but placed in a modern setting. Character names have been changed slightly to seem as though they fit with the modern setting. I myself will take on the role of Cassy all others are open and others may join in as minor parts, just message me so I am aware that you will be joining. This is my first RP so I hope I filled this out right and it goes well.

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Name: Elphie | Gender: female | Age: 24 | Posts: 210 | Roses: 10
Old 09-28-2012 at 09:52 PM
Lady of Music
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Once upon another time.  Post [15] »

Role Playing Name:

Once Upon another time.

General Characters.

- : shows the character is taken

Erik The Phantom

-Meloney Dubaire

Paloma Dubaire

Madame Giry

Meg Giry

Other OC's are of course welcome, I'm just naming ones I know for certain

Erik: of course also known as the Phantom and other such names. Wheather it will be the ALW version or Leourox/Kay or another version depends completely on the person who takes the roles choice, to be fair of course on how much they know. But in general Erik adores music, the arts in general as well architecture, magic/illusion and personally I believe sciences but can be discussed :). Solitary but loving I suppose is the general perseption, obessesive and very short tempered with mood swings appearing everywhere.

Meloney Dubaire: Meloney- often called Melody by mistake- is a young opera singer who, although born in France,was raised in England after her parents died in an incident years ago. She is quiet but strong willed and will fight for herself and her daughters happiness no matter the cost for her, she prefers to stay on her own, her daughter being her only source of company since she had her. Wishing to teach her child of their heritage she moves back to Paris and gets a job at the Opera Garnier. She is at most twenty six years old, with golden blonde hair which flows down to her lower back, with pale fair skin and bright blue eyes. (I would prefer to Play her please).

Paloma Dubaire: Paloma is Meloney's ten year old daughter, who although has her mothers hair and appearance has her fathers bright green eyes, the cause of much pain for her mother. She and her mother lived in England for the first ten years of her life, her mother keeping her close at all times for reasons she refuses to state. Paloma is lively, dramatic and in general a very happy little girl.

Madame Giry: I suppose this goes more towards the ALW version, but again its up to the person who plays them. But the general idea I had for her is that well she's retired by this point but sometimes comes to work with her daughter Meg just to see how and if thing's have changed since she was employed there.

Meg Giry: Meg can be a mix of both ALW an Kay/Leurox, but the general idea I had- up for change of course- is that she is now a full time employee at the opera as what ever the person playing her would like, but I do feel she would be seemingly motherly towards the younger members of staff and performing group.

Open or Closed: Open, any one is welcome to join preferably with Erik being first but anyone can go for anyone, except Meloney if you please I would like to play her.

Usernames of RP members: Lady of Music, an anyone else who would like to join in :)

General Idea/Storyline:

Who says three months of peace..?

Twenty years after the events of Phantom and Meloney has arrived at the Garnier to work as the new Prima Donna, as her invitation stated, although when she arrives there it seems she is too late for the posistion and in stead takes the role of understudy, her daughter Paloma joining the Ballette chorus.

Although Paloma is annoyed that the job her mother was promised has been 'stolen' Meloney is content, and tries to calm her child to no success.

Paloma begins to go around causing havoc for the Primma Donna by ruining sets, costumes and genrally vandalising the opera house in an attempt to help her mother. In doing so she attracts the attention of a spirit long since forgotten.

Erik, annoyed to the point of furry by this little rats actions towards his opera house follows her back to the dressing room she and her mother share, upon witnessing the two speaking he realises the childs reasonings. His eye is also brought upon her mother, who he mistakes to be called Melody. Thinking this an insult to the true meaning of the word he stays, planning how to get back at this family who have caused his home such havoc when he hears Meloney sing her daughter to sleep.

The next day when Paloma has gone to rehersals he speaks to Meloney who, believing it is a cruel joke as payback for her childs actions, plays along till she slowly drops all thoughts that this is a person but is- as he once again claims, oh Erik- an angel sent by her parents to watch over her and her child.

This continues on for almost a year till, at last, Erik decides that she is ready to see him in person although is weary after the reaction he recieved last time he did this. Meloney is at first hurt by the desceet but merely nods in slight understanding, believing that the reason that he lied was good.

He takes her down to his home, allowing her to remain fully concious since she does not fight him.

What occurs next is completely up to those who join in.

As a side note I know if we go by Kay/ Leurox Erik should be well dead by this time, but come on no one really wants that... Right?

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Name: Chiara | Gender: a young lady | Age: 21 | Posts: 105 | Roses: 10
Old 09-13-2015 at 11:48 AM
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 Post [16] »

I am not sure if I actually have Lady of Music's approval of doing this, but I'd like to ask anyways, because we're having a pm rpg, which might be prettier to do this way.

Role Playing Game Name: Once Upon A Moonless Sky
General Characters: Erik Hoffmann, Marie Hoffmann, Anastasia Drosselmeyer, Amadeus Drosselmeyer, Amara Hoffmann, Erik's parents; possibly some more canon AND new characters, depending on how far we write
Open or Closed: Depends on what Lady of Music thinks about that, but I dare say closed - at least at first
Usernames of RP members: Lady of Music, Flattering Child
General Idea/Storyline:
An RPG Lady of Music and I started a long while ago, which ended because of my inactivity and which we start again now. We start with Erik's childhood and plan to go even further, once we've done that. Erik was born in Königsberg in our story, which was my idea - because out of all places he mentioned in Leroux' novel, this one was never explained. He was there, brought wine with him. But there were no other stories. Also, "Erik", with a K, is not only in French, but also in German the common way to spell that name. Also, we meddled some Nutcracker in it, hence the names. Also, a gothic novel which turned into a ballet is just right for him. We want to start the story fairy tale like, with Erik's imagination and talent inspiring his sister, which resembled Christine, and her sister's best friend, who resembles acceptance and eccentricity, the two people who actually loved him in his early life. Then we will probably go on.

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