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Name: Christina | Gender: female | Posts: 244 | Roses: 10
Old 11-25-2007 at 07:10 AM
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Diehard Phreaks!!!  Post [1] »

Ok, this thread is for all of the hardcore phantom phanatics. Here you can list every thing you have phantom; including things you've done, people you've met, ect. Here's the place to show the world how loyal, and even creepy you may appear when the subject of the Phantom of the Opera is risen.;) Who knows, you may not realize how phreaky you are until you count it all up...And remember folks, don't leave out a single detail, as I know all the real phans won't...(like ME!!)

I start!! yay! :D:D:D

1.) POTO taught me how to sing, literally...I watched the DVD every day for four months (and still do actually) and learned to raise my soft pallet.

2.) I have two copies of the DVD, (one regular, one deluxe edition with bonus features)

3.) I write phan phiction

4.) I dream about it

5.) I watched my original DVD so many times it now occasionally skips *sob***

6.) I have the soundtrack

7.) I have the mask

8.) I once knew a guy named Eric, who was, nearly identical personality and physically (physically meaning, very unattractive, personality wise meaning creepy possessive and psycho) to Erik

9.) I have a phantom crazy myspace

10.) I have approximately 84 folders on my computer containing POTO material

11.) I am learning how to play the piano...with phantom music!!! ha ha ha!!!

12.) I tackled my sister when she attempted to steal my phantom movie...

13.) I used phantom of the opera in my school projects on 2 different occasions

14.) I have 2 masquerade masks now

15.) I have had about four phantom dreams...

16.) I use phantom as my iPod alarm

17.) I creep out my classmates because they have this crazy idea that I incorporate phantom of the opera into every aspect of my mind...including the time I decorated my shoes with phantom lyrics...

18.) I have phantom pics on my bedroom walls...and a bookshef dedicated to POTO

19.) I am constantly singing POTO

20.) I am a member of this website!!!

Now, who is phreakier than me?
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Name: Summer | Gender: Female | Posts: 557 | Roses: 7
Old 03-16-2008 at 06:27 PM
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I think I can come close

1) When I dropped the disc I cried
2) I know a girl named Christine who is actually being stalked by a guy named Eric
3) I have a wall dedicated to Phantom of the Opera in my room
4) I hit/tackle my friends when they try to take something down.
5) I stood outside the stage door for two hours getting the casts' of Broadway signatures on a poster
6) I have the Broadway mask, the masquerade mask, and movie mask of the Phantom
7) I have been the Phantom for halloween
8) I dream about being Christine, yes it is actually my dream
9) I have dreamed about it so many times
10) I have every Phantom book
11) I have every Phantom movie including the 2204 deluxe and regular version
12) I can recite all the words perfectly to my friends
13) I have Phantom of the Opera coasters
14) I have a teddy bear that I put a mask on
15) I buy red roses and tie black ribbon on them
16) I have a Phantom of the Opera cup
17) My piano is filled with Phantom music
18) I am a part of this site
19) I wake to Phantom
20) I have a skull stamp
21) I know the staging for every number
22) I hand-made the dress that Christine wears in Think of Me in the movie
23) I host a masquerade ball on New Years
24) I just ordered custom made Phantom Pillow cases
25) I randomly send letters to my friends, stamp and all
26) For a writing assignment I accidentally put I remain your obidient servant
27) When I saw it on Broadway I framed the posters
28) I have every original recording
29) I've seen it in London and Canada (they were special trips)
30) I died when Sarah Brightman sang at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
31) My desktop for my computer is Phantom, Phantom, Phantom
32) My desk has a glass top that you can lift up and put pictures underneath, its all Phantomized
33) My new favorite color is red
34) I am having a Phantom themed Sweet 16 (which MIGHT be on MTV)
35) I randomly relate things in real life to Phantom
36) When I IM the background is the mask
37) I love love love love love love love to act out the sword fight
38) I have gone dressed to school in a mask
39) All of my emails have to do with Phantom in one way or another
40) I love to burst out into Phantom songs
41) I have a bag that says Prima Donna on it
42) I have Phantom pins that I wear to school
43) I have listened to Music of the Night . . . 10,315 times....(No lie)

Can you beat me?

Scott v.2 Scott v. 1

Chace v. 2 Chace v. 1 Scott v. 3
Jasmine rocks!! Thanks girl! As Well as Chrissy!
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Name: margarita | Gender: lonely heart | Posts: 38 | Roses: 10
Old 03-16-2008 at 06:47 PM
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 Post [3] »

1.I have the movie and play it on my pc so I can write down the Spanish captions.
2.I saw the play and when my mom gave me the tickets and I licked them and said"They taste like I dreamt they would!"
3.I have the soundtrack
4.I have the extended soundtrack
5.I have the karaoke soundtrack
6.I fashion my voice so I can sing it and constantly sing it.
7.I have the book and read the same part every night so I can dream about him(it works too!!!)
8.I used the book for my book report
9.I used Erik for my character sketch in class
10 purposely take pics of myself so I can photoshop myself into Erik pics and make them look like i'm with him.
11.I have Phantom music memorized for piano.
12.I have had weird dreams of me and Phantom.
13.I argue about Phantom everyday with my mom.
14.I have written two Phanfics sequals with a friend,with us in the story,and me married Erik and a baby on the way,and more sequals on the way.
15.I have written PotO skits.
16.Whenever people ask me if I have a boyfriend,I'm always tempted to say"yeah,his name's Erik."
17.Use my artistic skills to make drawings and paintings of me and Erik. youtube channel is Phantom of the Opera.
19.I have made Phantom vids,with more to come.
20.Whenever I talk to new people I make sure they know that I'm the most crazy Phantom geek ever.
21.In my assignments,when I have to write sentences,I write about Phantom.
22.I monolouge to my mom about me and Eriks life together.
23.I think too hard about Phantom and ask random questions,like"If the Phantom is the king of music,do you think he could do rap?"
24.I try to prove that the Phantom is Black(its possible!!!)
25.I go and find poto pics and vids with a hunter attitude when I go out(even though I already have it)
26.I think I scare people because of how much I obsess,but its okay,I have Erik.
27.I daydream all the time about him and I,in a way almost like a tv series.I pick up where I left off last time,and after we get old and one of us dies,I start over.
28.I get mad at this site because I think it needs even more Phantom-ness.
29.when I watch the movie,I imagine myself in there and not Christine.
30.I hate blond guys 'cause they steal Erik-type boys women.
31.I try so badly to get Christine hair.
32.I don't spell anything with "f" anymore,spell with"ph".
33.I have designed a dress to match Erik's red death costume.
34.When I go to home depot,I go strait to the chandalier aisle.
35.When I'm in church,I keep staring at the chandalier to see when Eriks going to be up there.
36.I keep wanting to use my church as an opera house to remake PotO(its the perfect place).

I'm just sayin'
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Name: Viktoria | Gender: A proper young lady | Age: 23 | Posts: 1,438 | Roses: 144
Old 03-20-2008 at 02:44 AM
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 Post [4] »

I am!

1. I went from an alto to a soprano
2. I learned that people shouldn't be judged
3. I got a reputation for being a 'phreak'
4. I have the entire 2004 movie memorized
5. Every POTO song known to man (or iTunes) is on my iPod
6. I always think about it
7. I have the entire 1925 version of Phantom memorized
8. I've been obsessed since I was 9
9. I have about 2 POTO masks
10. I have 3 copies of the 2004 movie
11. I have a library edition of Leroux's POTO
12. I have a copy of Kay's 'Phantom'
13. I belong to this site
14. I belong to PGN
15. I belong to just about any POTO website known to man
16. I made my own POTO website
17. I can recite the entire POTO timeline
18. I know two POTO songs in French
19. I weave POTO in every single one of my school projects.
20. I've dressed up as Christine for 2 years for Halloween
21. I've had a Masquerade before
22. I went to see the play
23. I still have the tickets to said play
24. I have 53 pictures of Phantom on my bedroom wall (of the 2004 movie alone)
25. I can hit the Eb
26. My little brother can hit the Eb
27. I wear my POTO shirt to bed just about every night
28. I own a fake red rose with a black ribbon around it
29. I have about 12 POTO pictures on my bidder for school
30. I kiss my POTO if it falls on the floor
31. My entire family knows really as much about POTO as I do
32. I have Phantom Barbie dolls
33. I have a Phantom song book
34. I changed the spelling of my name from 'Victoria' to 'Viktoria' for Erik
35. I believe Erik was real
36. I can relate anything to Phantom
37. I don't call the Phantom 'Phantom' anymore, I call him Erik
38. I've read the book 7 times
39. I've read Kay's book 2 times
40. For my school's talnet show, I sang Phantom songs two years in a row
41. I spell everything on AIM with f's with ph's instead
42. I like things better in black and white (Lon Chaney version)
43. I want curly hair
44. I've been around it so much that I, an E/C shipper, have come to tolerate Raoul
45. I have the movie soundtrack
46. I have the OLC highlights
47. I've written the entire POTO script
48. My favorite colors are red and black
49. When I sing, I only practice POTO songs
50. One of my greatest ambitions is to become a singer
51. I've written phan fiction (not good may I add)
52. I own the 1990 POTO version (Charles Dance)
53. There's not a video I haven't seen on youtube that is Phantom related
54. I've seen nearly all of the POTO versions
55. I wish that I had a chandiler in my room
56. Roses are my favorite flower
57. I got one of my friends to like POTO
58. I think that Michael Crawford has the best nose in the world
59. In my sketch book for school, I tried to draw Lon Chaney's Erik
60. I made a POTO charm braclet

Bow chica wow wow
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Name: Noisette | Gender: Female | Posts: 4 | Roses: 10
Old 03-20-2008 at 11:17 PM
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 Post [5] »

Let's see here...

1. I had 5 Phantom Halloween costumes lined up last year (Phantom, Red Death, and 3 of Christine's outfits)
2. I have seen Phantom: Las Vegas
3. I have read the Leroux book a total of 47 times (from 7th grade up to freshman year)
4. I have read Phantom in Manhattan 5 times
5. I have read Susan Kay's Phantom 21 times
6. I own the Broadway cast recording, and it is on display in my CD case
7. I own the original cast recording, with the deleted scenes on it
8. When I got that original recording for Christmas, I nearly went into cardiac arrest
9. I have a pin shaped like a phantom mask that I wear every day (it's my good luck charm)
10. I have a "Wall of Phantom" on the wall at the head of my bed that is plastered with phan art I have drawn, and a look-a-like poster advertising the masquerade ball (you see it in P:LV. It looks totally different than the one you see in the movie)
11. My PotO DVD skips during Little Lotte/The Mirror, Masquerade, The part where Raoul falls into the water and is trapped in the cage, and the final scenes because I've watched it so much
12. I can sing parts of the songs in French
13. I have written so many poems and stories about Phantom that I think my English teacher is getting sick of it
14. I literally have an arsenal of PotO icons I made saved on my computer
15. Me and a fellow Phantom Phan made a list entitled "You Know You're Obsessed With the Phantom of the Opera When..."
16. Me and said Phan were going to trick or treat as the ALW Phantom & Christine last year...until "Phantom" got grounded
17. There was a guy in one of my classes named Erik, and he had the sarcastic, dark humor side of Susan Kay's Phantom
18. The drama club president is named Erik as well -- and he's an AWESOME singer
19. I believe that Erik was a real person
20. I also believe that his ghost might haunt the opera house still (I still need to verify - I'm going to France this summer)
21. While in France, I have vowed to buy Le Fantome de l'Opera in the original French
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Name: James the Exceedingly Evil | Gender: Phan Dude | Age: 29 | Posts: 1,908 | Roses: 0
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 Post [6] »

Ooh, fun! Let's see... *searches through memory*

1. I have the original London, Canada, Vienna, Hamburg, Hungary, Korea, Sweden, and Dutch cast albums, as well as all 3 official Japanese ones.
2. I own the original film soundtrack and all 4 foreign dubs that were made for it (French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Italian is the best, imo.)
3. I have at least 52 complete (or nearly complete) audio recordings of the stage show, and 5 full videos.
4. I've successfully converted about 12 friends into Phans.
5. I've also converted 3 teachers into Phans, including one who generally doesn't like musicals.
6. I've met Kevin Gray (former Raoul, and Phantom in both the ALW and Ken Hill musicals), and keep in e-mail contact with him.
7. I've read 3 different translations of Leroux's novel -- I've lost count of how many times.
8. I read Kay's novel online first, and then got a paperback copy.
9. I've joined 5 POTO forums, including this one. (One of them has closed, though, and one of the others I don't visit anymore.)
10. I've dressed as ALW!Erik for Halloween 3 years in a row.
11. My WPO alter-ego, Charles Donovan, wears a black ALW!Erik-style mask.
12. I intend to make a film based on Leroux's POTO.
13. I collect instrumental tracks for POTO songs.
14. I make instrumental tracks for POTO songs.
15. I've listened to the other 2 famous POTO musicals -- one by Ken Hill and one by Yeston and Kopit -- as well as a lesser-known one by Rosen and Schierhorn, and I still like ALW's best.
16. I own 2 DVD copies of the 2004 film -- the US release, and the Japanese one.
17. I've done book reports on Leroux's POTO twice in high school... plus a character analysis of Erik for English 100 in college.
18. I've memorized most of the Japanese lyrics to the ALW musical, as well as some of the German.
19. I own the 1925, 1989, and 1990 films (and one of the animated versions) in addition to the 2004 one. I've also seen the 1943 film, but I didn't like it much.
20. I bought George Perry's book, "The Complete Phantom of the Opera."
21. My sister and I constantly have debates about who was the best Phantom. I adore Peter Karrie and Ian Jon Bourg; she's torn between Michael Crawford and Colm Wilkinson.
22. I have the scores to ALW and Y&K's POTO musicals.
23. POTO inspired me to get vocal coaching in my senior year of high school.
24. I found a karaoke place in town that has POTO songs, and sing them there often. (They also have Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, and lots of other musicals.)
25. Kay's POTO has convinced me never to harm another spider.
26. I still get chills every time I hear the Overture on the original London recording... and I first heard it back in spring of 2004!
27. I met a singer named Larry Paxton who played Erik in a Hawaii production of Y&K's POTO. I didn't see him in that, but I did get to see him as Sweeney Todd, and as the Padré in Man of La Mancha.
28. Steve Barton's Phantom has the best evil laugh, which I emulate regularly.
29. I'm working on this list instead of doing homework that's due tomorrow.
30. I still haven't seen the ALW stage show live... but one way or another, I will by the end of this year.
31. I found a way to incorporate POTO into the essay portion of my SAT! The question was about whether we should allow other people's perceptions of beauty to influence our own.
32. My username should count for something, shouldn't it?
33. The fact that I accepted the task of mod-ship here on TPO also counts, methinks. ^_^

It's wiser to be mad... in a world that's gone insane!
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 Post [7] »

I dont know if I have as much as you all but I'll try, let's see..

1) I have the soundtrack and the extended
2) I have 3 different recordings of the broadway show
3) I have 2 copies of the DVD, not sure why...
4) I have about 4 folders of random Phantom stuff on my computer
5) My camp-name at the camp I work at is Lotte
6) I've belonged to this website for.. 2 or 3 years.
7) I spent my childhood on tour for Phantom from being born til I started first grade.
8) I have Kevin Gray's mask
9) I have all the letters from the show.
10) I have a piece of Angels carved in wood off the "balcony" from the top of the show.
11) I have a cast signed poster.
12) I've read all teh phantom books and own Susan Kay's Phantom.
13) I have a POTO charm bracelet.
14) I have about 8 different Phantom shirts.
15) I have a bunch of POTO themed Livestrong-esque bracelets.

I think I made up the word livestrong-esque...

Now, I see, If I wear a mask I can fool the world.

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Name: James the Exceedingly Evil | Gender: Phan Dude | Age: 29 | Posts: 1,908 | Roses: 0
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 Post [8] »

GASP! How could I forget the bracelets?!

Adding to the list:
34. I have 8 of the POTO armbands made by Mme Reyer (from another POTO board).

It's wiser to be mad... in a world that's gone insane!
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Name: Emmy/Dolly/Eight/Dare | Gender: Mademoiselle | Posts: 853 | Roses: 10
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 Post [9] »

I am a true phan and always will be!!! WOO!
1) I watched POTO (2004) 2 times a day for 1 week when I first got it. It was Christmas break, luckily.
2) POTO songs are the only things I listen to on my MP3.
3) All of my friends know I am completely obsessed.
4) My sister calls this my "nerd" website (that evil lady isn't a phan) because I am on it too much.
5) On all of my reading packets, there is construction paper on either side, and I fill it completely up with Phantom things.
6) I sneak in POTO quotes into my every day life. Sneaky-Mc-Sneaky-Sneak!
7) All of my typed documents on my computer are Phantom stuff.
8) I have spent more time on this website than any other thing on the computer, it has even replaced Sims2 Pets!
9) I have Phantom dreams.
10) I mumble-sing Phantom songs during the day.
11) Whenever I am four wheeling, I sing Phantom songs at the top of my lungs.
12) The first time I saw Phantom live, I was 8.
13) I am constantly researching Phantom stuff online
14) I am always day dreaming about Phantom.
15) I have memorized the 2004 POTO word from word. I am really weird, I know.
16) I have read Gaston's book 4 times...and counting!
17) I have read Susan's POTO 6 times.
18) I am writing a POV if that counts. But no one is reading it.
19) If I had a choice between any one in the world and Erik, I would choose Erik.
20) POTO inspired me to join choir, even though I hate the teacher.
21) I figured out on my own how to play all of the music in POTO on the piano, even the smaller parts that aren't complete songs.
22) I am now taking voice lessons...I want to hit MORE high notes!!
23) I gave up my dream of being an interior designer, architect, and graphics designer to be in Broadway productions. Now if I only knew how to get there…
24) I have numerous POTO bands (bracelets)
25) Hehe, I learned to sing some of the smaller bits of songs (like "In his eyes") in pig Latin.
26) I know Think of me In French...and I don't even speak French!
27) I am on 5 POTO forums total.
28) I love drawing, but I have dedicating all of it to POTO drawings.
29) I spell lots of words with PH, not F. Well not in this thread, I am concentrating o getting this typed!
30) All of my bookmarks (hundreds, I used to collect them!) are “phatomized”.
31) I am turning all of my buddies into phantom phans.
32) On all of the e-mail quizzes about me, almost all of the answers have to do with POTO.
33) When I did play Sims, the people I made were Phantom based.
34) My favorite colors are teal, red, white, and black. All sort of phantom-ish.
35) I have watched POTO 2004 in French 3 times.
36) My favorite actors/ actresses revolve around Phantom people.
37) If I have a girl one day, her name will be Christine (middle name: Rose).
38) If I have a boy one day, his name would be Erik (middle name: Michael, after Michael Crawford.)
39) I have a kitty named Christine.
40) On all of my website profiles, it has something about me being obsessed with POTO, and that I am proud.
41) My desktop is a POTO mask and a rose.
42) My screensaver is the “flattering child” quote.
43) My computer user is named “phantomess”.
44) My password on my computer user is phantom based. YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW IT!
45) I got my grandparents and mom hooked on the music from POTO.
46) I make numerous POTO things on Paint.
47) I made Phantom-frosted cookies once! YUMMY!
48) I always am telling my BFF Becca this during school: PSSTT!! Becca!! I AM PHAN-A-TIC! And you are my sidekick Victoria! (She loves Cats, and her favorite is Victoria.)
49) I am always telling random people at school that I love Gerry Butler.
50) I put roses all over my room.
51) I named my new stuffed kitty (yes I still collect them!) Phanabelle.
52) I have 2 POTO rings.
53) I have a couple phantom necklaces.
54) I stayed up till 5 in the morning on this website at my friends house. She was obsessively playing Guitar Hero 3 during that time.
55) My g-mail account is
56) I gave Becca a red rose, complete with a black bow on it on Valentines Day, because I love her like a sis, and I love Phantom.
57) I draw roses on my hand during school.
58) I have a Phantom pholder that I made myself. I put all of my POTO documents in it.
59) My Jack-o-lantern was a phantom mask.
60) I made the POTO characters out of toothpicks! Woo!
61) My school locker is phantom-ized.
62) I put a tissue paper rose with a black bow on it and mod-podged it to my light switch.
63) Hey, I was so concerned that people knew I was a phan that I am typing this! It’s so long!
64) I love the word “deceive” and “gondola” now. Ha ha!
65) I watch POTO more than anything else on TV. Well…. DVD.
66) I have read 14 phan phics.
67) My cell ringbone is phantomized.
68) My wallpaper (for my cell phone) is phantomized.
69) I write an alternate ending for 2004 POTO. HEY I SHOULD POST THAT ON THE PERSIAN’S WRITING!! Wow, I am slow.
70) (Hooray! I got to 70!) My toenails are black, and on the bigger toe (Um…what’s it called?) there is a mask. Woo! Go me!
That would be all I can think of at the moment. I will defiantly post more when I think of more. :D This has been a phantom’s_rose production.

I'll never let this go, but I can't find the words to tell you

I don't want to be alone, but now I feel like I don't know you
Opinions I would try and rewrite
If life had background music playing your song
I've got to be honest, I tried to escape you
But the orchestra plays on

~Banners by Tianna, Chrissy, Mark, and Jasmine~1 of 4 Proud Spouses to Viktoria!~Special thanks to Hayley W. and Stephan C.~
~I love little Mr. Bob ~
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 Post [10] »


61. I've become a ***** because I debate so much on this forum
62. I've reading to book for the 8th time now
64. My locker is filled with POTO things
65. I make POTO avvies
66. I make POTO banners
67. I want to marry a man named Erik (kidding)
68. I wouldn't call liking the 04 movie being a 'true phan'. Yeah I went there, see 61
69. I drew masks on my sneakers
70. I plan on writing an opera
71. I made POTO Shrinky-Dinks
72. I have a POTO backround on my comp
73. I have Phantom Sims
74. I call Michael Crawford "The Schnooze"
75. I own a fedor that I wear all the time
76. I've posed in black in white photos
77. I think that Lon Chaney is the greatest actor of all time
78. I'm singing the title song for my school's talent show next year in full Phantom garb
79. I want to live in my basement
80. My comp domain is name "The 5th Cellar"
81. I named the skelaton in my health class Erik
82. I've written POTO poetry
83. In English, we had to make a Poetry Anthology and mine was so phantomish.
84. I love Erik
85. I love Raoul
86. I love Carlotta
87. I love all POTO characters
88. I don't think Raoul is a fop
89. I'm a diva like Carlotta
90. I sing actual opera
91. My favorite opera is Faust
92. I'm wearing a POTO mask to NYC when I see Phantom again
93. I'm getting a POTO hat
94. I have karaoke of all of the songs
95. I can sing all of the songs
96. I switch back and forth from saying 'POTO' and 'Phantom'
97. I'm anorexic so Erik and I match (not funny)
98. I don't think Erik is supposed to be hot
99. I ship E/C even though R/C is more logical
100. I've reached 100 of these and just getting warmed up
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