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Similarities to other characters  Post [1]

I bet most of us had a feeling that a character in a book or a show or any knd of fictional work had some similarities to other characters. Have you ever noticed such things with our Phantom characters? I would like to hear (or rather: read) about that :D

I have noticed some similarities between Leroux!Christine and Sybil Vane from "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

They are both very beautiful and sweet. They are both extraordinarily talented, but inconsistend. They have a wonderful style of singing/acting but when they are emotionally down or high they tend to sing/act really badly. Rich, beautiful, blond, girlish looking men tend to fall in love with them, even though everyone else think that's wrong because they are not the same social rank. Also, both of them have a rather unusual background/upbringing and live in a kind of dream world, made from fairy tales and the life in a theatre, which is unusual enough. Also, their "little feet" are mentioned o.O (I bet that's a Victorian thing...)

In fact, I think Sybil was kind of an inspiration for Leroux. And yes, I know Christine was mostly based on Kristina Nilsson. But I think he also had some other influences. And I assume he liked gothic fiction (considering the Red Death). I'm sure he enjoyed Wilde.

Do you also have noticed some similarities? And what do you think of Christine and Sybil?

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