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Old 04-27-2006 at 10:50 PM
Point of No Return
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I actually haven't been in much. But all of my roles have been leading roles. I've really only been in a few school plays that I don't remember the names of!

The Phonebox - Child #1 (lead role.when i was in primary school lol about a phonebox that can travel anywhere....reminds me of doctor who actually.. lol)
The Angry Inn Keeper - Angry Inn Keeper (this had a few singing parts and I had a solo...very high. another upper primary school play)
Charlie and the Toymaker - Doll (not a big role at all.. sang in the chorus. another primary school role)
Space Creatures......FROM SPACE! - Space Bus driver, angry lady, voyager (a silly short film me and some friends made. haha)
forgotten the name of this xmas play :S - King (i wore a pink crown, dalmation spotte dressing gown, beard and high heels. all my idea)

I think I've been in other things aswell.. hmm.. well I'm going to be in a few more things soon, I've just been accepted into the SYT Summer School and at the end of it all we do some performances. :D
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Name: Lori (Lauryn) | Gender: female | Age: 28 | Posts: 2,017 | Roses: 2
Old 04-27-2006 at 11:34 PM
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Me...not many recognizable plays...I'll give it shot...

Into the Woods- Red Rising Hood's Grandmother
Ondine- Lady of the Court
Annie- Sound Chief
Treasure Island (class dramatization): Jim Hawkins
Faith County- Publicity

I have been in a TON of original works by my parents...we had a competition we would do every summer for my dad's work and we won EVERY YEAR! except once...

Jane Blond (take off of James Bond)- Sign carrier (age 6)
Bride of Frankenstien- Olga (Dr. Frankenstien's fiancee's neice (age 7)
Wild and Wacky West- School Child #1 (age 8)
XYZ Files (take off of X-Files): Gigi Byte (girl who figures out the case in the end) (age 9)
Return to Oz (Takes off of Wizard of Oz)- Flying Monkey (this is the one we didn't win) (age 10)
Phantom of the Opry (YEP!! Take off of Phantom itself!): Agent to Carlotta (Fairly big part actually...I won for Best Actress out of all the Plays!!) (age 11)
Shirley Holmes- (take off of Sherlock Holmes)- Idell Rumor, reporter. (age 12)
Bride of Frankenstien (again)- The Bride (age 13)
Wild and Wacky West (again)- Ms. Kitty (main girl role) (age 14)

Anorexic Beauty, Feather-weight Perfection...

Anorexic Beauty, Underweight Goddess

Banners Made by the Amazing KT, Awesome PJ (Hidden Away) and Wonderful Cassie (Mrs Nadir Khan)
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Old 05-13-2006 at 04:32 AM
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Not that many.

Solo from Les Mis: On My Own
Oliver: Orphan (with solo)
Soon to go to Interlochen: Does that count?

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Name: Kristi Lu | Gender: Girl | Posts: 756 | Roses: 22
Old 05-13-2006 at 04:43 AM
Masked Shadows
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This is my new updated list.


Help, Help, The Globolinks! - Understudy
Carmen - Angel of Death
La Boheme -Children's Chorus
Falstaff - Fairy
Madame Butterfly - Servent
Travatore - Don't remember
Barber of Seville - Child
Carmen: Act 2 - Gypsy Child/Waitress
Turandot - Children's Chorus
Tosca - Church Member
H.M.S. Pinafore - Buttercup's Urchin
Iolanthe - Baby Fairy
The King and I - Princess
**Fiddler on the Roof - Shprintze
**California Dreamin' (Written by my 7th & 8th grade class) - Cheerleader

*Singing Valentines (A huge Valentine's thing at my school.) - Our quartet did Stupid Cupid. Sung 53 times in 1 day.

Stage Crew

Romeo & Juliete - Props Crew
De Fleidermaus - Props Crew
The Gondoliers - Props Crew
The Magic Flute - Props Crew
The Nutcracker (Yearly Job) - Assistant Props Manager
Cinderella - Assistant Props Manager
Aspects of Love - Lighting Crew
*The Laramie Project - Set Crew (Helped build the set)
*Fiddler on the Roof - Ran Lighting Board
*One Acts - Ran Lighting Board
*Watermelon Boats - Ran Lighting Board
*Naomi in the Living Room - Ran Lighting Board

*High School Productions
**Middle School Productions

Now, I see, If I wear a mask I can fool the world.

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Name: Nadya | Gender: Kitty | Age: 32 | Posts: 1,489 | Roses: 30
Old 05-14-2006 at 01:07 PM
Isabella Delancy
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And slightly intimidated by some of those resumes...hehe. Mine's MUCH less impressive.

The Purim Story - Queen Esther
Aladdin - Princess Jasmine
Annie - one of the poor people (Got to dance/sing in Hooverville -great number)
Guys and Dolls - Agatha (missionary)

...and that's pretty much it! XD Although primary school plays...whether they count..?

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Old 07-19-2006 at 01:57 AM
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All the stuff ive been in is small town comunity plays
Anie once as Molly and again as an orphn
Wizard of oz as a blarina munchkin ( i hated it)
The Wiz a munchkin thing
and Aspiring Angles Angle student 6(glamours i know)
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Old 07-19-2006 at 03:33 AM
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Hmm...Well,I've a rather long list here...let's see...

Kilroy was Here-Military Policewoman. (The main evil charater...mwhahaha!)
Bugsy Malone-Tillie. (Understudy for Tallulah)
Grease(Done three times.)-Sandy(1st and 3rd time/s) and Rizzo (2nd time)
Les Miserables-Eponine
A Rented X-mas-Orphan one.
The Nutcracker-Clara
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee-WOO!! I was 'Leaf Coneybear's' sister,'Marigold Coneybear'!!(Just recently,on Broadway!!!..Yeah,it was kinda...'random',if you will...but AWESOME!)
Wizard of Oz-Glinda the Good(I come and go by BUBBLE!!)
Roger and Hammerstien's Cinderella-Stepmother.(NO not the movie version,it was a school play.Sorry,I am not Burnadette Peters,lol.)
State's Showcase-Singer.I won first place.*Yay!*
The Little Mermaid-Arielle
Fiddler on the Roof-Tzitele (Erm...I think that is how you spell it...)
Little Shop of Horrors-Audrey!(Yaay!Eaten by the oh so nifty Audrey II!!)
Museum of the Talking Theatre(Theatre camp)-Kid 2.*everyone wanted this role...hehe.*
The Phantom of the Opera (School Play)-Christine!! (Loved it!!)
Into the Woods-Little Red Riding Hood.

And I am auditioning for Once on This Island this month! I'll keep you updated on that one!! :)

~*The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind*~ :-)
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Name: Jamie or Jamie~Beth | Gender: Just a smalltown girl | Age: 26 | Posts: 899 | Roses: 0
Old 07-19-2006 at 05:23 PM
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I've only done one scene from Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and I played Orlando. I live in a small town and there's not a lot of things to do here. I'm going to join drama club this year (I didn't have enough time last year), but the play drama club put on last year was the first one in 40 years, so you can see how small of a town I'm from.

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Thank you so much to Kearyn and Chrissy for all my banners, both goofy and sexy!
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Name: Rae | Gender: Female | Age: 28 | Posts: 142 | Roses: 10
Old 07-21-2006 at 05:46 AM
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I wish I have been in something but sadly I have not. I'm too shy to talk in front of people...let alone act or sing.
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Name: Em | Gender: female | Age: 26 | Posts: 1,380 | Roses: 210
Old 07-21-2006 at 11:00 AM
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Bugsy Malone - Down & Out dancer; waiter; chorus

Theatre In Education "Rich & Poor" - [nameless character]

Streetcar Named Desire - [class piece] Stella


[All school music shows etc] - lighting op; sound op

Fiddler On The Roof - props assistant manager; stage management; set

Yerma - props master; stage management; set

Grease - lighting technician; lighting operator; follow spot op (uncredited); props master; lighting design; management; sound; rigging; construction

The Masque of the Red Death (E.A. Poe) - deputy stage manager [props & stage management crew] @ BOV
"Stories of murder and madness" - DSM, @ BOV

No day but today
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