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TGITPC Theme Song Comission  Post [1]

I hope people see this considering that this neck of the forums hasn't really been used all that much.

Some of you may know about my blog/website, through my shameless promotion or other means. Anyway, since the blog's creation, I've made the decision to not only take pictures, but make videos and expan to YouTube. This is where you creative poets/songwriters come in. I require a theme song. I know, it seems very pompus of me, but I think that it would give my videos an extra "oomph". The person whose lyrics I choose will be credited as the author of the theme song in all the videos that it's used in (and my undying thanks will also be in order) So here are the guidelines:

-It must be to the tune of a Phantom of the Opera song. I think it would be either to do ALW, but you can do a YK or Hill one if you wish. If at all possible, stray away from the title song. I want something more original.

-It must include the words "That Girl in the Phantom Costume" in the lyrics at least once. That is fairly important.

-The words don't need to rhyme, but they should at least be in rythme.

Thank you so much for whoever will help me out. Please post your lyrics for me here or you can PM me if you wish. Thanks for being creative!
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