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Pretty Little Liars  Post [1]

Please no one shoot me down for liking this one!! *hides behind shield*

I actually thought terrible things about the show and mocked it before I watched an episode on Netflix one afternoon for lack of anything better to do (thinking that I was going to get some great laughs) and I was actually fairly astounded.

The show is's an amazing thriller, and definitely great for anyone who loves a good mystery/suspense show. You think it's going to be terribly trashy or terribly predictable. But what you think is going to happen...generally never happens. It's wonderful! Granted there are some moments where the snobs start to whine about their irrelevant problems and the conversation doesn't progress the plot, but that is why the almighty gave us the skip button.

So, enough rambling..are there any other Liars on the site?
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