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Lotte, you didn't overlook anything. One of the people that responded to me on the other forum said the de Mattos translation mentions the railway being "du Monde" or "of the world", but the Ribiere translation does not. Based on the Ribiere translation, she felt the Leroux was probably referring to the Paris station and nothing more. In that same forum, though, are copies of the actual series published in Le Gaulois. My French is extremely rusty, but I was able to pick through the last chapter and Epilogue and found where Leroux indeed indicated the Northern Railway was "of the world". It actually amazes me that Ribiere overlooked this. Then again, she might not have and merely assumed Erik was talking about the Gare du Nord. Translations are as different as the people who buy them and I have read lively discussions on several of the more popular ones.

I would have to say that I never gave a second thought to what happened to Raoul and Christine. I assumed that they went north, never to be seen or heard of again. I can remember reading on some forum, it may have been the old WB one, where someone suggested that perhaps Erik killed them. I thought that was a fascinating possibility.

One thing I always found kind of cool is that Erik gives the gold ring to Christine as a wedding present. He insists she take it, for her and Raoul. But then he does something rather strange. He makes her swear to come back after he's dead and bury him *in the greatest secrecy with the gold ring*.

After that night, Daroga never sees Erik again. Daroga gets the promised papers and relics from Erik. He publishes Erik's death notice three weeks later, just as he's been instructed to do.

If Erik killed them, it could have easily occurred when Christine returned to bury him. There's no way to check and verify any of it because all of it is a secret, overseen and managed by Erik.

I did do some checking on north, and what, if any, symbolism there would be to heading north. North is symbolic of a lot of things, including peace, stability and direction. Several websites gave the North Star as an example of guidance. Mountain men always went north to escape the evils of civilization and in America, there are legends of some of them continuing to roam in the north even after death.
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