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Old 06-13-2005 at 12:39 AM
Ubaldo Piangi
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Guidelines  Post [1] Ľ

Red roses and flickering candles guide your way into a world of your own. The concept of this area of role playing is to let your mind wander into imaginations unthinkable. Members of the board are free to create their own role playing games to their heartís delight, with guidelines of course. Want to live the dream of the fair Christine? Change the story so Phantom triumphs? Or even if you have an original storyline, this is the place to let your spirit start to soar:

The following guidelines are to be followed in RRFC:
  • Always remember to follow the [rpg][/rpg] and always when participating in RRFC.
  • For a general kick start of your RP, go to the OOC Planning Thread to find RP partners, get ideas, and more to your heartís content.
  • Members are allowed to start their own threads here, but must first be approved by one of the moderators of RRFC, The Phantom and Ubaldo Piangi. Donít worry! We're laid back, so your ideas will most likely be approved.
  • After your RP is approved, you may start a planning thread in the "Fueled by Candle Light Forum" and also the actual RP thread in "The Solitary Red Rose".
  • Don't post into a thread unless it says "Open to anyone" or you are invited inside to do so. Like, if someone organizes a role play to go along with the musical, they may wish to organize who plays which character.
  • We don't worry about the storyline, that's up to you! You can reinact the whole story of Phantom, or create diverse characters outside the Paris Opera. All we ask is that you try your best and continuously make improvements on your role play. We want to see quality. :)
  • We don't expect you to be perfect in role playing, but all we ask is that you try your best and make an effort!

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Closed Thread

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