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Name: Noelle Girard
Age: 30
Occupation: Newspaper Journalist at Le Monde
AI: Rachel McAdams

Personality: Just because she is mostly stuck covering the stories about 100 year old marathoners or the cat that dialed 911 does not mean Noelle is not going to investigate it the same as any truly hard hitting news story. And that does not mean she enjoys covering such stories. She is going to be an award winning journalist someday and she is incredibly driven in trying to achieve her goals. She refuses to let anything stand in the way.

Noelle places the blame for her abusive relationship on herself, not so much that she caused the abuse, but that she should have gotten out sooner. She is working on figuring out the problems that made her stay and as such is at a bit of a crossroads in her life. She is trying to change a great deal about herself and that include her hair color.

While Gaston was abusive, she realizes that not all men are like him. She will not let herself be afraid of every man she comes into contact with. Still, the fact that she is still trying to figure herself out makes her rather wary about dating anyone at the moment.

History: Noelle was born in Columbia to Henri and Audrey Girard. Her father was covering the earthquake that killed around 5,000 people. In fact at the time her mother was going into labor, her father was off covering the site of earthquake and interviewing witnesses to the event. He was not there when Noelle was born.

This pretty much became the story of Noelle’s life. Her father was almost always off covering the latest catastrophe, often in other countries. Noelle often contributes that fact that her parent’s marriage survived to this fact. Despite his absence, he was a good father when he was there and Noelle loved him dearly and wanted nothing more than travel around and have adventures just as her father did. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a journalist when she got older and her driven nature made sure she accomplished it.

She was a star writing student all throughout grade school and even served on the school’s newspaper, becoming editor when she was an upperclassman. She received the school’s writing award (the award ceremony for which her father was again, not present) and went on to study journalism in college, again working on the newspaper.

Once she graduated, she applied to many different newspapers around her hometown of Paris. She was eventually offered a reporting job with Le Monde. It wasn’t exactly the job she had been hoping for. In the beginning she was often sought upon to bring coffee and make copies for the other journalists. She is slowly rising in ranks, covering a few newsworthy stories but mainly called upon to write the fluff pieces no one else wants.

She met Gaston Rousseau while on a coffee run and was instantly drawn to him. He was handsome and charming with a sort of “bad boy” persona that was irresistible. Unfortunately this “bad boy” proved to be worse than she thought. They had been dating for six months when the first signs started to show. He would get irrationally angry when he saw her speaking to other men, constantly kept trying to turn her against her family and make her rely only on him, and slowly began to verbally abuse her.

By the time they had been together for a year, the verbal abuse had turned physical. At first it was slap here and there, then a punch, till finally he was slamming her against walls and breaking bones. She was in the hospital more than a few times because of him. But every time he seemed so repentant and concerned for her that she forgave him. Finally, after covering a story about a woman who had been killed by an abusive husband, Noelle came to realize that her situation was almost no different. If she stayed with Gaston, eventually he would kill her. It was only then, after a year and half of dating, that she got the courage to leave him, relying on a male friend of hers to come with her and act as a buffer.

Noelle had come to the conclusion that because she had allowed the abuse to go on for so long that there had to be something had to be wrong with her, mentally or emotionally. She felt a deep desire to set herself straight before she even considers getting into another relationship. For the time being she had plans to focus on her career.

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