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Scarred for Life?  Post [1]

I was reading through the movie companion book the other day. Aside from the idiotic stunning sexual master comment, there are some interesting things in the book. For instance, all of the scenes are from Raoul's point of view. Raoul himself is described as a very frail man who can barely walk. He appears much older then Madame Giry, who's also present at the auction. We know by the end of the movie that Christine has passed on and been dead for at least a few years. It's apparent they lived long lives. Christine is memorialized as a beloved wife and mother.

The companion book does not go into detail about why Raoul is such a frail shell. It does mention the wound he received from the Phantom, which apparently still gives him trouble years after he received it.

So, my question is this. Were Raoul and Christine scarred for life as the result of their encounters with the Phantom/Erik? If so, what conditions would they have been forced to suffer with for the rest of their lives?

They appear to have lived a while, I think probably into their 60s. But if they hadn't encountered the Phantom/Erik, would they have lived longer?
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