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The Phantom's Song by Sabrina Callahan  Post [1]

WARNING!! Spoilers contained in this review!!

After a long hiatus from POTO fanfic (both reading and writing it) I got the itch again. So I purchased this book from Amazon for a bit of fluffy, light reading. I got more (or less, depending on how you look at it) than I bargained for. Continue reading at your own risk! This is, by the way, a copy of the same review I gave it on Amazon.

Well, the only good thing I can say about this book is it made me laugh out loud a few times at the ludicrous situations in which the characters find themselves, but other than that, it's a complete fail. There is no real plot, only a long twisted road to Erik and Christine finally ending up together. The language is third-grade level at best. My ten-year-old daughter writes more imaginative and better plots than this! Spelling is atrocious and the characters are as one-dementional as a bunch of paper dolls.

One scene had me in tears...from laughing so hard. Raoul and Christine go to the opera and she sends him off to hunt for the "monkey music box" while she waits in their box seat for the show to start. He returns and says, "Sorry, I couldn't find the music box." She replies, "Thanks for looking for me." The phrase "OK" is used a lot. I'm just having fits of hilarity picturing Raoul down in the cellars hunting for the music box in his evening clothes and returning to Christine's side in the theater after being unsuccessful in his hunt! The whole book took me back to my Barbie playing days when I dreamed up stories with my dolls that were less crazy than this bit of fanfic. My advice? If you want a good hearty laugh and enjoying wasting your money, buy it. If you want a REALLY good POTO sequel based off the 2004 movie, try Sadie Montgomery's Pheonix series. It's everything this book isn't...including readable!

I dabble in a bit of fanfic myself, so I know how hard it is to write characters that aren't your own. But honestly, the only way the mistakes in this book could be forgiven is if it were written by a child...a very young child. I wish I could have given it zero stars. Sadly, this sub-genre seems to be attracting the worst writers of all time!

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