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Originally Posted by Hidden Away View Post
I love the series! Isn't it true that JK Rowling's friend gave her the idea before the friend passed away. So how JK has taken the story under her wing...right? If not correct me :\
But it would be so amazing to think about what they would write about Harry.
Hermine is my favorite girl character!
Snape is exactly what my World History teacher is. My teacher for stagecraft is Magonigal (spelling?). And the nurse is the nurse. Go figure!
J.K. Rowling had the idea for Harry Potter while riding a train back in 1990.
Over the next seven years, she created the story, characters, locations, etc. During this time, she suffered several hardships (her mother died, her husband left her and her daughter, she suffered from depression - all the while surviving on benefits), which had a big impact on her writing.

Your History teacher is like Snape? I feel for you. lol

Anyway, I love this series! I read the first six books back in 2006, and read the last when it came out in 2007. Has anyone heard of Pottermore?
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