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Phan Club Guidelines  Post [1] »

I’m pretty sure you know what a fan club is, but here on TPO, “phan” clubs are a group of people that are a fan of an idea, expression, character, pairing, or anything else from The Phantom of the Opera. In order to create your own phan club, you must follow the guidelines below:

To Create A Phan Club:
  • -- Check the current Phan Club list to make sure that your idea has not already been taken and approved by another member.
    -- Some TPO ideas, characters, etc. will be allowed.
    -- Read and understand the rules below.
    -- PM either Raoul de Chagny, Victoria Greneaux, or The Phantom with the application provided. You will either recive approval or denial.
Adoring Audience Rules:
  • -- Keep messages relating to phan club's topic.
    -- No spamming at all.
    -- No bashing of other phan clubs.
Phan Club Application:
  • Name: Your name.
    Username: Your username.
    Age: How old are you?

    Phan Club Topic: Topic of your choosing. (Character, Idea, Pairing, etc.)
Creating your Phan Club thread
  • -- Give it a nifty title, such as "The Adorable Adorners of Raoul."
    -- Include a description in the first post about your phan club.
    -- Include any rules that your club may require.
    -- You can put pictures and stuff in your thread if you wish.

[The staff reserves the right to delete any posts, edit or modify a Phan Club's entirety, or close them all together. Whether a Phan Club follows the rules or not to whether these will be enforced! Thank you.]

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