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Old 05-09-2017 at 08:21 PM
Wandering Child
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Rebecca Cross (2.0)  Post [1]

Rebecca Cross
Ex Cop. Russian Mafia Boss's Daughter.

Born in Russia, lived in America, came to Paris.
Accent: American and Russian slips through
New AI: Ivana Milicevic

Update from where we left off with the ol' Rebecca:
After finding out there was a hit on her father, Rebecca disappeared from Paris, not telling anyone. Her father is based in America trying to take over the hierarchy in New York and move goods around between countries (that's why she has the American accent, it's where she grew up mostly). Her mission failed and now they found out who was behind the hit, not knowing she is the daughter of one of the most dangerous men, Vadik Krasnov. Now she is back and brought an entire war with her.
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