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First time to Disneyland fundraiser  Post [1]

Hello there my fellow phantom lovers, I know this is really and I mean really cheeky and somewhat selfish but I would love your help it raising money to help me send my dads girl friend to disneyland paris.
By help I mean either simply helping to spread the word about it or even donating as little or as much as you can and are willing to, any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
The first three links below are pages which I hope will do the job of spreading the word more and the fourth is the link to where any donations or easier spreading of the word can be made.
Facebook group:
Facebook page:
Deviantart page (ish):

Lastly the page itself, well one of them:
Second one:

If you want any more information or such feel free to PM me or reply below though PM's I am more likely to see.
Thanks for just even looking here

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