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Name: Yasmin | Gender: Female | Age: 25 | Posts: 6 | Roses: 10
Old 02-12-2011 at 07:18 PM
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I had a weird dream last week- I dreamt that my boyfriend was playing the bagpipes and waltzing around in a kilt. So for I while I watched him, then I turned away and suddenly found myself in Marrakech [which is where I'm from] and everything was so real I thought I was awake - I was lying in my garden and I'd forgotten about my boyfriend and the bagpipes - then he turned up and started yelling about how I'd left him and I told him I hadn't left him. Suddenly I started throwing turkish delights at him, discovering that with every hit he got smaller and smaller, until he was like a little dwarf.
I turned, and I saw a guy who I'd known all my life and who I'd once had feelings for, years and years ago. He said: 'You can't go out with a dwarf....' And I said no, and then I asked him whether I was dreaming or not. He just smiled and then my heart went out to him.
The last thing before I woke up was him telling me Happy Valentine's day, and giving me a little flower shaped necklace.

What an effing cryptic dream....or not..

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Name: Seren | Gender: Male | Age: 28 | Posts: 1,033 | Roses: 10
Old 02-16-2011 at 05:19 PM
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I dreamt I was on a mission helping Agent 007, and that Mackenzie -- this girl I know in real life -- was working for Dr. No to smuggle some kind of new drug out of Venice. Everything was going fine until Dr. No got word of my existance; then, he sent some of his henchmen after me. I woke up just as I was being taken to some sort of laboratory.

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Name: Lollipop | Gender: Eve | Posts: 280 | Roses: 10
Old 02-13-2012 at 07:27 AM
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You need to know that I am one of those somewhat crazy musicians that actually starts to feel a personality come out of some of their instruments. I talk to them...have long conversations with them etc, etc.

Well...In my dream the other night, I was talking to my cello Julian and I was crying because I was so upset about my ex (he made some threats that turned out to be empty in the end, dragged me through the mud, called me a psycho*****, and has started trying to charm all of my friends that will still pay attention to him). Yeah, so I'm crying like an idiot and I look up and my cello isn't there, but there is a guy there. And the weird thing is...I know the guy is supposed to be Julian. My cello turned into a guy. And I started babbling like a moron about how he did that, and he came over and hugged me and told me it was gonna be okay and that he was going to help. He started rocking me back and forth like a four year old until I stopped crying. Then he looked at me and told me that he was going to help me make All Region band...and that my ex (who plays trumpet) wasn't going to make it. So I would at least get to have a single weekend away from his hatefulness. Then my cello/guy/friend kissed me and I woke up. That weekend, my ex didn't make All Region band...and I made first band.
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Name: Rosey_Posey | Gender: Daughter of Eve | Posts: 227 | Roses: 10
Old 06-09-2012 at 02:41 AM
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I had his totally wierd poto dream the other night! It started with me, PhantomReviews and AgentCarolina as, idk minions(?) of Erik. idk we served him and followed his orders and whatnot. I was "The Angel of Death", P.R. was "The Angel of Darkness", and A.C. was "The Angel of Music". We all looked the same in dark cloaks and a plain white phantom mask and we were all men... Then the cast of Naruto were there on a mission of somesort. We then agreed to help them because Erik had been trapped in the catacombs with Arochimaru and we were like "hey, they get rid of the creep, we get Erik back, cool." So we start leading them down and there's 3 main levels of the catacombs composed of various staircases and passageways and the like. By the time we reached the end on the 1st section, A.C. stops and takes off her mask, transforming her into herself but she's in the outfit Christine wears in "Music of the Night". She seems really sad and apparently me and PR know whats goin on but the Naruto team's like WTH. "This is as far as I dare go. Good luck to you on your quest." A.C. says. "Don't worry, we'll be together again. Do you want us here?" I say. She shakes her head, tears in her eyes, "This is something that should happen alone, I think." Me and PR nod and lead the team away, ignoring Naruto's protests and questions. As we leave we can hear her making sounds as if she's in pain and I look back to see her evaporate as she sings a high E. Then I think 'That's going to happen. I'm going to be next.' Then the dream sorta skips back like a CD with a scratch and I'm there as she evaporates and all that's left of her is her mask. I pick it up and hug it to my breast and shed a tear as I gently lay it back down. Then it skips ahead to the rest of the group. We keep moving on with a little conversation that i can't really remember but it wasnt important. At the end of the second section me and PR stopped and hugged for a little while. I took off my mask, transforming me into me, but I was in the Red Death costume. We exchanged sweet goodbyes. "I'll be with you soon." He said. "You better." I choked, somewhere between a laugh and a sob. Then I evaporated singing "Mascarade" with the music playing under by voice. All that was left of me was a red rose in full bloom with a black ribbon. PR caught it as it fell and kept it in his hand the rest of the dream. He keeps leading them down and at the bottom of the 3rd section is Erik's lair. The piano (for those who have seen the live show you'll know what I mean) from the don juan practice was playing itself and i guess i was still there as a concious because i could feel that me and PR knew it was Erik trapped as a spirit in his domain. The suddenly it wasn't PR standing at the head of the team, it was me holding something black, i dont remember what it was exactly. And then Erik screamed "JUST GO AND LEAVE ME!" (those who have seen Ramin's version of the final lair will know what I'm talking about.) I jumped and bowed and then, suddenly it wasnt me, it was PR holding the rose, I suppose that is/was me. And he said something, i cant remember what but i think it WAS important. Then my view panned over to see Arochimaru sitting in Erik's throne, smirking at me. Then I woke up. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

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