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Phoenix Mercer

Phoenix breathed an inward sigh of relief as her little joke about her father evoked a real laugh from Luc. But if he thought that was funny, then he would find the man himself a real hoot--she hoped. As Luc finally gave up his tense position standing over her to settle on the couch next to her Phoenix was instinctively moved closer to him. Like opposite poles of a magnet it was their differences that seemed to draw them together. She couldn't imagine loving him nearly as much if he was exactly like her. Hell, she couldn't imagine loving him nearly as much if he was anything different than exactly like he was. Was he frustrating, yes. Did she sometimes want to pull her hair out when they butted-heads and argued, nearly constantly. Would she trade that for an existence where they agreed on everything and sat in silence through the things they didn't? Not in a million years.

Without looking up or asking permission Phoenix slipped herself into the well worn curve of his side with a soft sigh of contentment and familiarity. For all the places she had visited before she came to Paris and all the places they had traveled since, this was the most comfortable place in the world that she had found. She had to muse for a just a moment what on Earth she would do when as the months ticked by she no longer fit so snugly into this curve of his side, tucked under his, arm with hers crossing his stomach. "Phoenix, my dear..." he said, "We are going to have the most ridiculous child in existence. Between my genes and yours, let's just hope he or she gets the good stuff." Phoenix chortled slightly. No matter how he defined 'the good stuff' the next 18 years of their lives was going to be interesting to say the least. Phoenix heard it echo in his chest as he cleared his throat slightly, "Uhm... ah, what exactly have you told your parents about me?" Phoenix bit her lip even though he couldn't see her face, biting back a cock-eyed grin. "And do I really have to meet them? Can't we just... skip that part?"

Phoenix sat up quickly, pushing off of him a little roughly but not moving away, just staring into his face with a slightly slack jawed expression. "Oh, you had better be kidding!?" she said with mock horror. "After all the work I've put in but better beat you sweet squeezable ass you are going to meet them!" Phoenix laughed lightly and twisted slightly so that she was leaning back against his side with his arm draped over her chest as she began to tick things off on her fingers. "What does my mother know about you? You mean besides everything she read in the Parisian tabloids? You mean besides you hanging up on her on the phone? You mean besides the fact that because of you we disappeared and I couldn't tell her where I was for a few months? Oh... not much," she said light-heartedly. Phoenix cocked her head backwards so that she could see him and smiled softly, hoping to reassure him if only slightly.

"I've been trying to put in a good word for you the few times we've talked. You should be glad to know," she said matter-of-factly tracing the veins on the back of his hand and his calloused fingertips with her own absent-mindedly, "that I have succeeded in talking her down from murderous outrage and into giving you a chance--albeit grudgingly," she added in an undertone. "And Dad is still waiting to pass judgment... he's like that though. Since I haven't told them much, you're still a bit mysterious to him, and there's nothing he likes more than a good mystery." Phoenix slipped her fingers between his and tilted her hand back on his chest once more, smiling sweetly, "Don't worry. They'll love you, eventually. If for no other reason than I'm crazy about you..."

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