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Does anyone write anymore?

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Myron Bolitar

Lots of men in the world had to program themselves to lie to their wives/girlfriends/mistresses and say, 'Yes, honey. You look beautiful in the morning without makeup.' or, 'No. You don't look fat in that dress'. But one of the perks of being with Madeleine? Myron got to not turn into a liar. Because, Madeleine gleamed in the morning, with this beam that he really, he had no freaking clue how it happened- but it happened. And, Madeleine had a shape that other woman paid to have, or wish they had.

"I dunno..." Madeleine laughed. Then, with her sexy self- “I feel kind of dirty after moving furniture all day. Maybe you and I should clean off…”

Myron Bolitar's vital organ was really responding.

The answer to her suggestion went without saying.

"As long as we put a towel over the toilet." He winked, "I don't want to kill another batch."

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