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OOC: First of all: Thank you, James, for retrieving The Rookery for me! Dorian Grayson has moved from squatting at the empty apartment to his kerala houseboat, on loan from his mentors. Much later, Golden Hunt sublet the apartment about the time he broke up with Evea Perry. What will the future bring for the three of them? BIC:

Golden Hunt

Not so long after his traumatic tumble back stage, Golden found himself in the middle of moving from the apartment he had shared with Evea Perry to a new home. The act of moving had not been as strenuous as he had feared thanks to friends and a couple of his fellow stagehands, who had said that they were doing it as an apology for laughing at his spectacular fall. Besides, they figured that he inevitably would throw a party, and he had assured them that, yes, he would invite several models he had become friends with. He had done too much walking up and down stairs, but he had felt too guilty sitting in a comfy chair as they paraded in and out. Finally, he had to admit defeat and sat on the floor as a sort of penance for having to bail out. He was tired but felt good about the move.

He and Evea had had closeness too soon perhaps though he was new to getting serious and didn't know if there were set rules. If it had been the two people who met in the park, things might have been so different. But, the Evea who had become Stasya then Evea once more, with all her talk about things he most definitely didn't want to hear, had been an entirely different person. It had been difficult to admit that he could not be the stolid man capable of accepting and forgiving, of handling whatever was thrown at him. But, he had become afraid of the repercussions not just for him but for his family. He had to be a coward and withdraw for the sake of self-preservation. He had felt as if he was losing the person he had always been happy to be. For some reason, he thought of what he had read about famed lovers Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. Olivier had explained why he divorced the lovely but troubled woman, that she would have "taken me down" with her.

Evrard would be the person she needed~a man of the world ready to take on those unseen foes, at least unseen by others. Only Evea knew who they were. His thoughts were going to a dark place again, and it was only when someone playfully "stole" his hat and bopped him on the head with it that he looked up, fierce for a moment then breaking into a smile not as sunny as those they were accustomed to but at least not one of the frowns and scowls that had found a place on his pleasant countenance too often. Those expressions had been reserved for photo shoots and the occasional catwalk. Now, he had to banish them and reclaim Golden Sebastian Hunt in all his glorious goofy and fun-loving nature.

Once the moving had been completed, he, hobbling still, had led a parade of friends through the apartment and out into the lovely garden area, very small but isolated, shaded and peaceful. He kept picturing the reclusive author who had made this his home away from home, the other being The Rookery mansion that stood on the West Coast back in the States, a truly gothic landscape perfectly suited to the transplanted stones. To be here in the same atmosphere where Raven Corbett had dwelled not so long ago was a thrill, and he didn't care if anyone found him geeky or nerdy, two words he was proud to have applied to him. No one would ever call Golden Hunt mundane!

After a deli-style supper, they abandoned him to his new nest, too tired to do much more than scan the stacks of boxes and decide to open only the one in the bedroom. More quickly than expected, he had the bed made up and decided to fold back the covers. He owed his aching body some rest. He was recovering from his fall though not enough to return to work at the Opera House. If it hadn't been for money from home, he might have had to cut short his hoped-for European tour~not that it hadn't hit a sort of roadblock here in Paris. How wrong his plans had gone, and he still wasn't certain if it was for good or bad.

He knew that he had learned from the experience though he wasn't sure how much. But, he had a notebook filling up with pieces that, when fit together, could become a novel. So, what better place to be inspired than here in The Rookery~Paris branch, that is?

OOC: Feel free to contact me for a meeting with Golden perhaps somewhere in Paris. PM me, or write something on Golden's Unmasking thread. BIC:

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