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Name: Christine | Gender: Feminina | Age: 32 | Posts: 1,573 | Roses: 460
Old 06-30-2005 at 02:15 AM
Ubaldo Piangi
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Signature Guidelines - New!  Post [1]

Signature Guidelines

It takes practice to find the right guidelines for a board, but the staff has noticed that even with the current guidelines the signatures are still too large. You have a few days to fix your signatures before we do a clearout of the ones that will be against the new guidelines:
  • Total signature size (this includes text, banners, and smilies) may only be up to 500 pixels width by 150 pixels in height. No exceptions.
  • The maximum size that one banner may be in a signature is 500 width by 150 pixels in height. The file size must be less than 80 KB in size, to decrease page loading. Large files are deadly to dialup. ;)
  • You may only have up to 5 images in your signature, including smilies and banners. Some people might go a little crazy, lol. ;)
  • Links to Phantom of the Opera websites is fine at the moment, unless stated otherwise down the road as issues arise. We want to create unity between the Phantom boards of the Internet.
  • Signatures against the rules may be subject to instant suspending if they are out of code. The suspended signature will have a link to the guidelines so the user can re-adjust it.
  • For help with signatures, visit the Signature Check in the Help forum.
  • The rules are easy to follow and it makes it simple on everyone. Large signatures decrease page loading time and stretch out browser windows. Help make the forum look nice by having a tidy signature.
Thank you for your cooperation. :)

Good example of total size of signature:

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