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Name: Shel | Gender: Female | Age: 27 | Posts: 19 | Roses: 10
Old 12-18-2011 at 01:47 AM
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I dedicate this song to someone I wish I could make amends with, but can't seem to, due to the circumstances and our past. By logic, I know that day will never come, but a part of me still waits for it.

Song To The Siren ~This Mortal Coil.

On the floating, shapeless oceans
I did all my best to smile
'til your singing eyes and fingers
drew me loving into your eyes.

And you sang "Sail to me, sail to me;
Let me enfold you."

Here I am, here I am waiting to hold you.
Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Were you here when I was full sail?

Now my foolish boat is leaning, broken lovelorn on your rocks.
For you sang, "Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow."
Oh my heart, oh my heart shies from the sorrow.
I'm as puzzled as a newborn child.
I'm as riddled as the tide.
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Or shall I lie with death my bride?

Hear me sing: "Swim to me, swim to me, let me enfold you."
"Here I am. Here I am, waiting to hold you."

"If I am the phantom, it is because man's hatred has made me so. If I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me." ~Erik, Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera
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Name: Matt | Gender: Male | Posts: 10 | Roses: 10
Old 08-17-2015 at 04:10 AM
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Time to brush the dust off this thread.

I dedicate this song to someone who long ago was very important and special to me, who I have no contact with anymore because things got... interesting? Yeah, let's go with that. The less said, the better. This was the song I would always seem to hear when I thought of her while we were dating that long, long time ago. Lyrics are kind of ironic, now that I think about it.

Baby Blue--Badfinger

Guess I got what I deserve
Kept you waiting there, too long my love
All that time, without a word
Didn't know you'd think, that I'd forget, or I'd regret
The special love I have for you, my Baby Blue

All the days became so long
Did you really think, I'd do you wrong
Dixie, when I let you go
Thought you'd realize, that I would know, I would show
The special love I have for you, my Baby Blue

What can I do, what can I say
Except that I want you by my side
How can I show, you, show me a way
Don't you know, the times I tried

Guess that's all I have to say
Except the feeling just gets stronger, everyday
Just one thing, before I go
Take good care, baby, let me know, let it grow
The special love, you have for me, my Dixie dear
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