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Name: Erika | Gender: Mademoiselle | Age: 29 | Posts: 647 | Roses: 55
Old 03-06-2007 at 02:46 PM
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Grey's Anatomy  Post [1]

Being surrounded by pre-med and pre-pharmacy students, I was literally forced into watching this ABC Primetime show. What do I think of it? I am completely obsessed!

Though I am not a huge fan of the whole Meridith/Derek dilemma, I still love the show. Feel free to discuss all things Grey in this thread. ^^

Oh~ and while you are at it, maybe you want to take this quiz, Grey's Diagnosis, and post your results!

I'm an Izzie. ^_^

It reads KT all over ^_~

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Name: Scotch/Jack | Gender: Tape/Alcoholic Drink | Posts: 151 | Roses: 0
Old 03-06-2007 at 10:25 PM
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 Post [2]

Woot! I fawking love you, Erika!!! *huggles and goes off to take quiz*

O____________________O I'm Addison? XDD

Well, I certainly think I am more like Derek than anyone else, but since this quiz seems to only involve the female characters so: woot!

I looooooooove Grey's Anatomy! And the whole Meridith/Derek? Priceless. :D I love it. Love it. Love it.

Sig by the one and only KT!
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Name: Ran | Gender: Female | Age: 28 | Posts: 1,118 | Roses: 84
Old 03-18-2007 at 11:03 PM
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 Post [3]

I was praying to God that somebody would have a thread on Greys Anatomy. I have just recently become obsessed with the show. I went to the video store and got the last DVD for season 2. I started watching it at seven pm and it didn't go off until 3 am. Btw, thats the DVD where Denny dies :(

So, about this weeks episode, what do ya'll think? I was like OMG! I though the fight between George and Callie was funny and apparrantly he did too. I can't wait till next weeks show when we actually get to see there reaction to realizing they slept together! I was laughing so hard. I also think Burke overreacted a little bit. For instance, when Christina told him yeah she though weddings were stupid but that she would do it if it made him happy, I don't think she meant it the way it sounded. I think she meant to say that she loved him enough to do it if it made him happy. I'll shut up now...i ramble on a normal basis.

Btw, I am Meridith which is kinda a weird I guess, lol

I just wanna be alone now with the dark and the light. That's my favorite color blue there

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Name: MN | Gender: Vampyress | Posts: 1,184 | Roses: 11
Old 03-19-2007 at 12:37 AM
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 Post [4]

My mom watches Grey's, every episode.

*sings* What can I say? I got carried awaaaaay...


This episode in particular? Uh, it wasn't that good, in my opinion. This Issie/George/Callie blowout is waaaay too drawn out. I mean, Issie's speech would have been alright, even moving perhaps, if she hadn't turned to George, in the middle of his distress over Meredith, and said, "I think you're making a BIG mistake. But I'll be waiting here when you wake up and realize how stupid you've been."

Callie's big in the moneys? Good fer her. I can understand why she wouldn't tell George, but that revelation that she tips with his $200 needed more tact, shall we say?

Alex's move-in was kind of "Oh, he's moving in? Alright." Then, it was back to bigger drama, I suppose. Unexpected, but looking back, I see it probably shouldn't have been, you know?

I feel so bad for Jane Doe. She's taking all of this so well! I didn't think about resemblances, but when I saw her again our past discussion about a twisted Kay plotline came to mind. Perhaps we'll find out soon who she is? It has to be important, because most of the other stories seem to be moving on past what we at my house call, 'The Three'. Hm....perhaps her husband will show up? Or a distraught family? There's bound to be something in her past that will show up eventually, it's inevitable.

Alex needs to come out of his Jerko shell, and work hard at being really as nice as he acts with some of his patients.

There are times with Alex, I scratch my head and go, "Gosh, he's awesome! Why isn't somebody with him and causing some deep, dark drama?!"

Then, he goes and does something stupid and completely idiotic, and my mother shakes her head at me, and says, "That's the real Alex we know and...erm...hate."


Who else here thinks it is TOO cute when Meredith/McDreamy moments come along? Like the snoring bit? Or the "I AM your knight-in-shining-whatever!" ?

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Name: MystMoonstruck aka Cyn | Gender: REDHEAD! | Posts: 5,059 | Roses: 235
Old 03-20-2007 at 05:44 AM
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 Post [5]

Mom and I started watching it from the start mainly because it followed "Desperate Housewives". I doubt we missed an episode till they moved it. Now, we never see it. Perhaps when it gets syndicated...

We found it interesting but not "OMG! Can't miss it!"

I still have too many flashbacks to what Patrick Dempsey used to look like--gawky, gangly, sort of funny-looking. I remember him dancing at the Oscars many years ago, one of a number of youngsters getting attention, including Robert Downey, Jr. So, it's hard to look at him and see a sex symbol. I do like him as a choice for Dr. Josh though.

It's sort of like Joey Lawrence. Seeing him do the whole sexy pinup thing, I kept thinking, "That's little Joey Lawrence?!"

If I could, I would watch "GA" repeats. I wish they would switch it back to Sundays after "DH".

The Izzie/Denny story was very touching. Yes, I teared up when she was lying on his bed, having taken too long to pick out just the right dress.

But, get real! A hospital can't possibly practically shut down for a prom! That was ridiculous! Also, following the explosion (remember that?), why was there so little talk about it? And, why weren't those who were nearby at least suffer some injuries and even momentary hearing loss? The next week, it was as if nothing had happened! "CSI: LV" had explosion refs and repercussions for a number of episodes.

Does anyone remember the short-lived "Medicine Ball"--which was "GA" before "GA"? Vincent Ventresca was one of the stars. I guess it was an idea that came along too early. It had the sexiness, the situations and other touches that "GA" has but didn't survive. I really think that "DH" helped "GA" survive.

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Name: Faye/Glinda/Mrs. Lovett | Gender: Female | Age: 29 | Posts: 192 | Roses: 10
Old 03-20-2007 at 04:41 PM
Kristin Chenoweth
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 Post [6]

Okay, here comes the inevitable Faye-rant.

I started watching Grey's mid-Season Two, because my friends told me that I simply had to give it a try. I did, and I was hooked. I went out and bought Season One on DVD, and in doing so, got my mother hooked as well. Seasons One and Two were brilliant.

Season Three, however, I'm getting extremely tired of, and really irritated with. I'm sick of hearing and seeing Meredith/Derek stuff. I don't think Ellen Pompeo is a good actress, and I think I was one of the few people who was actually hoping she would drown. In reference to Cyn's post about bad continuity, here's another excuse. The woman was DEAD for like, 20 minutes or something, and then she's right back at freakin' work. I mean, come on, she was Smurf-blue. BLUE. And then she's fine.


I love Callie. The fight this past week between Callie and George was incredibly well-done, and was superb acting on the part of Sara Ramirez. I'd love to see them work it out, because they're my favorite couple, but sadly, I'm not sure I see it happening. The whole George/Izzie thing? That made me want to throw up/throw stuff. I did the latter -- my remote went flying across the room. They've already done the whole George-gets-drunk-and-has-inappropriate-sex thing. Judging by the look on Izzie's face? Things are about to get stupid and awkward.

Also unlike most people, I like Addison. I liked her better before this season, when she suddenly turned all McSlutty. I do like that she brings out a more human side in Mark, but I only occasionally like Mark himself. I like him better, but not a lot. Alex, on the other hand, I have completely embraced. This whole situation with "Jane Doe" is really proving he's not just a big, dumb, jerk of a lug. I have my own suspicions regarding Jane Doe's true identity, but I'll keep those to myself.

I'm also tired of Cristina/Burke. I liked Burke in the beginning...until the whole thing with Isaiah Washington happened. I know there's a difference between the actor and the character, but still. I just can't take him anymore. He's *****y!Burke all the time, and that whole they-weren't-talking thing got really old, really fast.

I'm glad Meredith is FINALLY talking to Thatcher and Susan. It's about time she started acting like an adult.

I miss Ellis.

I love the Chief. He might be my favorite character on the show.

Bailey = amazing.

So yeah. I've ranted. And I'll probably be able to come up with more to say as the season progresses further...that is, if I continue to watch.

But for me, the highlight of the season? Denny and Dylan re-appearing. Because JDM and Kyle Chandler are gods.

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Name: Erika | Gender: Mademoiselle | Age: 29 | Posts: 647 | Roses: 55
Old 03-24-2007 at 05:01 AM
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 Post [7]

Correct me if I am wrong, but yesterday's episode was somewhat awkward. O__________O I think Izzie loves George... and that's just WRONG. I mean, both Meridith and Izzie have been putting him down from the beginning of the show, plus I just love Callie, and she has really stayed by George's side, now hasn't she?

I was very happy that George decided not to tell Callie, now before you judge me, my roommate and I decided it's sometimes better not to know when someone cheats on you, especially a one-night thing. It would be unfair for him to clear his conscience at the expense of hurting Callie, which was obviously his reasoning. I don't know, I used to like Izzie very much, but it's she is starting to get on my nerves.

And Faye, as was hoping she'd drown to! That has had to be more than twenty minutes of being DEAD and BLUE. *rolls eyes*

Also, I totally blame Derek for Ellis dying, it was not his place to talk to her like he did, and it seemed to me Ellis gave up just to stop being a burden to her daughter, which in my opinion shouldn't have happened.

I loved Denny, miss him awfully.

My favorite character? Bailey!

And... I think that's it for today, i probably should go to bed. ^______________^

It reads KT all over ^_~

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Name: Izzy | Gender: Phantomess | Age: 29 | Posts: 20 | Roses: 45
Old 03-24-2007 at 05:15 AM
Charlotte Tennant
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 Post [8]

I'm sorry, but I love the Izzie and the George. Love it. I've always loved those two together, they're always so hilarious and personally, I've been rooting for them since the first season. You can imagine my dismay when George and Meredith did it in the first season. *shudder*

Now, as for Mrs. O'Malley...I do love Callie. I really do. Sometimes she gets on my nerves, other times I love her. I also think it's good that George didn't tell her. It was a one night thing. Izzie and George are best friends. They will always be best friends. And they made what some would call a mistake. So telling Callie was probably the best thing.

I AM SICK OF MEREDITH AND DEREK. I am sick of Meredith's whining, I'm sick of Derek's trying to be all protective of her, I'm sick of it all. I agree with Faye. Ellen Pompeo is not that great of an actress, and Patrick Dempsey is just getting on my nerves.

Addison is the best. I love her, so much. I was so Team Addison for when Derek was choosing between her and Meredith. I mean, seriously. Who could leave Addison? Seriously. She's amazing. (And I love her hair colour XD).

l Made by the wonderful KT! *hugs* l
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Name: Nadya | Gender: Kitty | Age: 31 | Posts: 1,489 | Roses: 30
Old 03-26-2007 at 05:17 PM
Isabella Delancy
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 Post [9]

Umm. Apparently I'm Miranda. o.O I don't see that. I'm not a perfectionist like Bailey...I do think she's amazing, however.

I love Meredith/McDreamy, and inadvertently hate Addison for ruining it even if she didn't really....and he chose to stay with her not Meredith. Blah. I'm such a soppy romantic and love the whole love story aspect. However overrated it may be. Lol. So I hated the whole George/Meredith thing, and can imagine I'll hate the George/Izzie thing (not seen that in the UK yet).

I adore George/Callie - she's fiesty and yet blatently adores him which he needs in a woman. And she's emotionally available unlike Meredith (or Izzie for that matter). They make me laugh a lot cause their dynamic is so cute. Hehe. *pets them* He still reminds me of a lost puppy though. Hahaha.

My favourite pairing is Burke/Christina cause I adore the way they spat and are probably the truest representation of a couple. XD She's so neurotic and he's so...straight down the line and yet they work so well as a couple.

I'm surprised to hear a slating for series 3 cause we're waiting on it in England, and my friends have all assured me it's worth waiting for. So...yeah. I've been getting excited over us getting it....shouldn't I? *confuzzled*

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Name: Summer | Gender: Female | Posts: 557 | Roses: 7
Old 10-04-2007 at 06:44 PM
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 Post [10]

I am Addison. Which I'm very happy about considering Kate Walsh is soooooo da** beautiful!!!!! I wish I looked like her. Anyway...

Grey's Anatomy = THE BEST SHOW ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!! Oh my god the Season 4 premiere was so intense. The whole scence:

Derek: Your the girl from the bar.
Lexi: Ya.
Meredith: No. I'm the girl from the bar.

That was the best line yet. But my favorite character would have to be Bailey. I love how she doesn't take crap from anyone, not even the cheif. I love her character so much. She has some of the best lines.

I agree with Charlotte Tennant with her loving Izzie and George. I don't like George and Callie together because I don't really like Callie that much. I think she is kind of a snob.

WHERE IS THE MENTION OF THE EXTREMLY SMEXY DOCTOR MARK SLOAN?! I mean if you want sexy you go and look at a picture of McSteamy. I love when he comes in on season two and Meredith, Izzie, and Christina are thinking of names for him. My favorite was McSexy but McSteamy works too I guess.

New episode tonight...CAN'T WAIT!
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