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Elton John  Post [1]

Are there any Elton John fans over here?

He is my favourite musician since I was a child. I absolutely love him, as a singer, a composer, and pianist. I practically grew up with his music and it had a great effect on the development of my personal taste - he is, so to speak, the base of my preferences in music. I love the way he is able to combine musical styles, and i love how his music, singing and playing, and Bernie's (especially Bernie's, but also Gary's and Tim's) lyrics always make perfect, and truly 'whole' song. Sure, he had some weaker ones, but all in all his work is amazingly strong. Every single song is in itself a complete and finished work of art, and so are the albums and setlists.

I have had the great luck to see Sir Elton and his amazing band live last month. They were all incredible, musically and humour-wise. His energy, at his age, and without any playback is amazing!

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