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Name: Natalia | Gender: Female | Posts: 2,759 | Roses: 50
Old 12-14-2012 at 06:35 AM
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This Years Christmas Event  Post [1]

First may I just say that I'm SO glad to see that we're having one though in saying that I just wanted to ask something.

In planing were to have our characters meet another member and I noticed how it might be difficult to stick to the rules and have our characters move around in the three threads.

I can only think of one way that is to work.

Then I remembered a few threads from last year where people had two charries in the one place and wrote a reply for both NOTE: I do not mean that the two different characters where in the one thread meaning they would be meeting each other.

For an example of what I saw using my characters and the main foyer:

Cara blaze andovea

Cara walked into the main foyer seeing the light on the huge tree. Other Christmas and this one alone, how was she to handle it?
__________________________________________________ __

Evea Perry

Evea sighed looking over the crowd, her eyes only scanning for one person.


I was wondering if this is actually allowed (cause I think it may help this year)
Thanks for the help.

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Hi Natalia!

We do allow more than one character per thread -- they just aren't permitted to interact with each other. The other rule is that there must be two separate posts between your characters. IE: Cara, Luc, Frederick, Evea would be okay in order of posting. Cara, Evea, Luc, or Cara, Frederick, Evea would not be. For now we'll ask that we stick to the established rules, and keep in mind that if you and everyone else are posting regularly and hit 200, there will be a bonus RP area opened!

Thanks for your questions! :)

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