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When seeing "love never dies" on youtube it raised a few questions for me that didn't seem to get answered and being a member of the R.P family here it lead me to wonder:
If YOU (yes you yourself) could write your own POTO story how would it go? Question yourself on the challenges you'd have to face

*If YOU where a character in the story after the fire what would you like to see happen?

*If the phantom suddenly turned up again what would he be doing?

*If your character come into things before Christine would you be an onlooker or would things turn out differently?

I myself go for what we do here and cast all but one Character aside that of course being the phantom or and here's another if few if's:

* Would the phantom in YOUR story be the same phantom?
* If you want to believe the 'love never dies' plot what would happen if the son took to the stage?

I would love to hear what you'd have to say seeing as it is partly what we do here.
I know there's a part of the forum that calls for your own takes of the story but since this is casting yourself into the mix I thought I'd put it here.

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