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Name: Bella | Gender: Female | Posts: 5 | Roses: 10
Old 02-26-2013 at 05:26 PM
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Lol, glad to see I'm not the only one having PoTO related dreams!

One time, pretty long ago, I dreamed I was walking in the streets and saw Ramin, dressed as the Phantom and all, walking past me. I stared at my parents like "Did you SEE him!?" And they just shrugged and said "What? That guy? Just a showoff." Or something like that. I don't remember the rest, but I have a faint memory of running after him in total phan-excited-ness XD (it's a miracle I didn't faint on the spot, actually)

Another small bit from a dream is where I walked past Her Majesties Theatre, in London, and Ramin (it's always Ramin :3 to my great joy!) stuck his head out of the window without mask and with make up on shouting "BOOooOO!" really loudly, scaring the living crap out of some people. I really lolled so hard XD

Lately I had some Leroux based PoTO dreams though, which sometimes are really... odd... In one of them I actually was Erik! (and I'm a girl. But then I wasn't... and... omfg!) I was just lurking around the Opera house a bit, like Erik does, y' know. I MIGHT have been spying upon Christine as well... hehehe. Well, anyway, I remember just standing there, admiring how beautiful and amazing she was, until suddenly Raoul walked in, they started chatting and eventually hugged affectionately and kissed. God, I really could KILL either HIM or MYSELF at that exact moment...

And some other REALLY odd dreams that weren't really happy or anything, almost as if I was reliving Erik's life. Unfortunately in a true-to-Leroux-and-not-happy way :S I liked the "Oh my God, I see Ramin on the streets" kind of dreams better, lol!

Funnily enough do ALW PoTO based dreams always involve me GETTING 'involved' WITH the Phantom, while Leroux PoTO based dreams always involve me BEING the Phantom (or Erik. I prefer to call Lerik Erik, and ALW Erik 'The Phantom' so mostly when I talk about Erik I'm talking about Leroux and visa versa)
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Name: James the Exceedingly Evil | Gender: Phan Dude | Age: 29 | Posts: 1,908 | Roses: 0
Old 03-24-2013 at 05:48 PM
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I had a rather interesting one a few weeks ago. Some of you may know that Paul Stanley (the lead singer of KISS) played the Phantom in the Toronto cast of ALW's musical back in 1999. For some reason, though, I had a dream that I was hearing him sing the role of the Phantom in the Maury Yeston/Arthur Kopit musical. Not sure how my subconscious did that or what put that thought in my mind, but it was interesting in any case.

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Name: Jennifer | Gender: Female | Age: 28 | Posts: 481 | Roses: 10
Old 06-06-2014 at 02:21 PM
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I actually had one the night before last. I was playing Christine in the ALW version and there were a bunch of guys, (I swear, every guy that had ever played the role of the Phantom onstage in Broadway or London, and even one man that played him in a movie), were all going to be alternating the role for this show. We all lined up (I was between 2 of them) and marched out and stood on the stage, which for some reason had turned into bleachers. The whole time singing the title song. At the end of that, the director yelled out the names of some of the men in the front row who would be the first rotation. One of the names was Gerry Butler. ( I remember that one!) As I was walking to backstage, this young black girl comes up next to me and we start talking. That's the end. I think the fact that I'd been watching part of The Royal Albert Hall 25th on DVD before bed may have had something to do with it.

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Name: Deedee | Gender: Girl | Posts: 14 | Roses: 10
Old 02-23-2015 at 07:42 PM
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Well guys i had many dreams with the phantom, but i can't tell he is looking like this guys from the movies!They are really interesting dreams.
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Name: Angelique | Gender: Female | Age: 19 | Posts: 2 | Roses: 10
Old 11-28-2017 at 04:16 AM
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I've had many Phantom based dreams....

The first ever one was of me laying in the swan bed and Erik (one potrayed by Gerard Butler) knelt down beside it and slightly touched my chin while singing, "You alone can make my song take flight". What was weird was that I felt as his hand touched my face. Though I just woke up that morning believing I just brushed my hand on my face in my sleep.

Another one was of me looking into a floor length mirror. A pair of eyes suddenly seemed to peer down at me from it (they were a gold color). Of course I reacted (saying what the ****) and they disappeared from view. The scene skipped and I saw a man sitting upon a stool. He seemed upset or was deep in thought. His look was similar to Lon Chaney's portrayal of the character. Then the scene skipped again and I saw myself in an opera box. In which I guess was either cleaning or snooping around. Trying to figure out how he could hide in it without being caught. As I could see there was an opera box straight across from it. The dream ended with me looking into a particular corner of it.

Btw.. There was a part in that dream where I could hear tons of people screaming and me yelling,"??? He's just a man in a mask". (I think I had said something before that sentence).

My most recent one was of Lon Chaney's Phantom walking down the hall of my grandparent's house. He was in black & white (like the old movies). He smiled at me when I saw him. I had the feeling of excitement and I think I wanted to hug him. But before I could go up to him, I woke up...

PTO~ I went walking around the antique shops in my town and saw a picture of Lon Chaney's Phantom. It was a signed copy. But I had no money on me at the time
I'm pretty sure it's already been bought, though...

In sleep he sang to me; In dreams he came.

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