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Name: James the Exceedingly Evil | Gender: Phan Dude | Age: 29 | Posts: 1,908 | Roses: 0
Old 03-18-2012 at 05:31 AM
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Now that I've gotten to see and hear many more different Phantom actors, I think I should update my "favorites" list. I've done a couple of different ones -- one for general portrayals of Erik across the different literary, film, and stage versions, one for favorite film actors, and one for favorite actors in the ALW musical.

Favorite Portrayals of the Phantom
1. Gaston Leroux's novel
2. The Tom Alonso musical
3. The 1925 film (starring Lon Chaney)
4. The 1987 animated film
5. The 1989 film (starring Robert Englund)
6. The ALW musical
7. The 1983 TV movie (starring Maximilian Schell)
8. The Susan Kay novel
9. The 1943 film (starring Claude Rains)
10. The Yeston/Kopit musical and 1990 miniseries (starring Charles Dance) -- since they're basically the same version.

Honorable mentions: The Phantom in the 1991 filmed stage production (starring David Staller), Erik and Angel from "The Price of Fame" (a superb Phanfic on, and Erik in the Ken Hill musical.

Favorite Film Phantoms
1. Lon Chaney (1925 film)
2. Robert Englund (1989 film)
3. Maximilian Schell (1983 TV movie)
4. Aiden Grennell (1987 animated film)
5. William Finley (1974's "Phantom of the Paradise")
6. Claude Rains (1943 film)
7. Charles Dance (1990 miniseries)
...and that's it.

Favorite ALW Phantoms
1. Anthony Crivello
2. Alexander Goebel / Ernst D. Suttheimer (tie)
3. Kevin Gray
4. Peter Karrie / Mike Sterling (tie)
5. Steve Barton
6. Colm Wilkinson
7. Davis Gaines
8. Kiyotaka Imai
9. Saulo Vasconcelos
10. Matt Cammelle

Honorable Mentions: Mark McKerracher, Scott Davies, Ethan Freeman, Mikael Samuelson, Earl Carpenter, Michael Lackey, Rob Guest, Anthony Warlow, John Owen-Jones, Hugh Panaro, Ramin Karimloo, Brad Little, Robert Guillaume, Osamu Takai, Ben Cramer, Christian Alexander Müller, Juan Carlos Barona, and many more... yeah, I like a lot of stage Phantoms.

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Name: Aviana | Gender: Ange de Musique | Posts: 98 | Roses: 10
Old 03-30-2012 at 07:01 PM
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Wow, James, that's quite a list you have there! They're all great Phantoms!

I think it's time I updated my list as well. So, without further ado, here are my top 12 Phantoms. (Why top 12? Because I like to go TWO steps beyond!)

In alphabetical order...

Davis Gaines - A wonderful, baritone Phantom; his voice is just awesome! He can hit those money notes better than most tenors! I also enjoy what I've seen of his acting.

Earl Carpenter - Earl's portrayal is probably the most humane and pitiful I've seen thus far, and he adds so many little nuances to the roll. Vocally, he struggles a bit with the high notes (come to think of it, so did Barton), but he has a very fine baritone.

Gary Mauer - He has an incredibly powerful voice. He kind of reminds me of Davis Gaines, except a tenor. I also enjoy his acting, particularly alongside his wife, Elizabeth Southard.

Hugh Panaro - I love how childish and sarcastic his Phantom is! I don't know if it's just me, but I've always felt that his Phantom seemed somewhat detached from reality. Someone on tumblr described him as "delightfully crazed," and I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about his portrayal. I also love his voice.

Henk Poort - I always liked his voice on the Dutch cast album, but he was never one of my absolute favorites. Then, one day, I came across a video of the Dutch production, and I watched it expecting to be blown away by Joke de Kruijf, but it was Poort who won me over with his operatic vocals and great acting.

John Cudia - I really love what he did with the roll. He brought a vulnerability and somewhat child-like nature to it, but still managed to be creepy in the "Final Lair," and his "Point of No Return" with Jennifer Hope Wills is one my favorites. He also has a lovely voice.

John Owen-Jones - This man is a powerhouse. His voice is amazing, and he's a great actor as well. His "Final Lair" and "Stranger Than You Dreamt It" are among my favorites.

Kevin Gray - Probably the most Leroux-faithful portrayal I've ever seen. He's absolutely captivating in his performance, and this is based on a mere two videos, neither of which were complete or of the best quality, and one of which featured a rather hilarious flub with the Punjab lasso. His voice, admittedly, takes some getting used to, I've even heard someone describe it as "ghoulish," but it really works.

Michael Crawford - Where would "Phantom" be without him? I don't think many people realize just how involved he was in creating this character. Admittedly, his voice isn't my absolute favorite, but his acting was fantastic.

Mikael Samuelsson - Probably the most emotional performance I've heard on a cast recording. I totally understood him even though I have no visual reference and I don't speak a work of Swedish! There's a very "raw" quality to his voice which works surprisingly well. He also reminds me of Leroux!Erik a bit.

Saulo Vasconcelos - This is based mostly on audio, but his voice is amazing! His acting is also very passionate. I don't think I've ever heard that much crying from the audience during the "Final Lair!"

Steve Barton - The only Phantom who has ever made me tear up just by listening to an audio, and I am NOT one who tears up easily. He had a beautiful voice, and put a lot of heart into every performance.

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Warlow, Ethan Freeman, Matt Cammelle, Juan Carlos Barona, Alexander Lewis, Thomas Schulze, Ian Jon Bourg, Brad Little, Alexander Goebel, Peter Jorde, Eiji Akutagawa, and Andrew Varela.
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Name: Chiara | Gender: a young lady | Age: 21 | Posts: 105 | Roses: 10
Old 06-28-2014 at 10:05 PM
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I've tried to make a list of my favourite ALW Phantoms in a right order, but I can't manage to do that. This is kind of an order, but actually they share the first place. Just, if Í had to have them in an order, it would be like this. I am not fully happy with this order, but I am not able to make it better. I always think one of them should stand a little above, but I can't find anyone to stand a little lower. Too bad...

Steve Barton
Well, I might be biased. I totally love Steve Barton, I admit it. I am usually not much into very heavy, powerful Phantoms, but I absolutely adore his performance. So much (sadly true) pain in every tune, so much passion. He was one of the greats, if not the great, in musical theatre. I have lots of respect for him. May he rest in peace.

Peter Karrie
Is perfection. Faithful to Leroux, filling the ALW version and very original at the same time. Very detailed acting, very unique singing. He captivates me like no other Phantom.

Michael Crawford
So gentle, so mad. The original ALW (more or less) and true to Leroux at the same time. A very enchanting voice, a very lovely "Music of the Night".

Gant Norman
I absolutely love his voice. It is very Phantom-ish, but a little warmer and it has a very captivating tune.

Hugh Panaro
True to Leroux, a little like Michael Crawford but with a new, fresh twist. A little childish, a little mad. A wonderful voice...

Anthony Warlow
Not my usual... taste... if you know what I mean. But I absolutely love him, as the Phantom and in general. There is something so wonderful about him. He is magical in his own way, he is also so lovable and he is a very gentle, gentlemanly Phantom.

Alexander Goebel
Very true to Leroux, so mournful. I always pity him. He is wonderful. And his voice is so unique...

Ernst D. Suttheimer
Again true to Leroux, but in another way. Very dominating and really mad, a great singer and fantastic actor.

Colm Wilkinson
The really totally original ALW Phantom before anyone else... I love how graceful he is. I really love his body language (is that the right term in English language?)... I also adore his unique voice...

Earl Carpenter
He is a very sensual Phantom, what I really like. I love his voice and his acting. I also really like his speaking voice.

I also want to mention these wonderful Phantoms, in no particular order
John Owen-Jones, Ian Jon Bourg, Henk Poort, Brad Little, Gary Mauer, Anthony Crivello and Ramin Karimloo. All of them are wonderful.

Phantom actors I didn't like are
Gerard Butler - seriously... I mean... *sigh* I'm not a hater... but...well, miscast... First I'm not fond of "sexy" Phantoms, second, I don't even find him sexy. Rather wannabe-sexy... and his voice doesn't fit.
Uwe Kröger - he first lost his voice and then played the part. Wrong order, darling... he is a very good actor, but even that lacked when he played Erik.
Peter Hofmann - a wonderful singer in his own right, but just not a Phantom. Stiff and operatic, there is nothing magical about him. Anyways, I respect him very much, may he rest in peace. I really appreciate his work.
Peter Jöback - I am always open for Phantoms with unusual voices. But even I have a pain barrier... His voice is too weird, even for me, and I think he's too young...

Anyways, I respect them. Being the Phantom is a hard job and I couldn't do it... (okay, bad example, since I am just a little girl, but... you know what I mean... I would not be good enough to play that part if I was a grown up man...)

Apart from that. My favourite Erik is clearly Leroux' Erik. You just can't beat him. I love him!

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Name: Michelle | Gender: n/a | Posts: 42 | Roses: 10
Old 08-20-2015 at 12:09 PM
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My list will be nowhere as extensive as all yours! But here are ALW Phantoms I've loved (in order or hearing/seeing them, earliest to latest):

John Cudia
The first Phantom I ever saw and heard, so he'll always have a special place in my heart. I don't remember his portrayal all that much because I was a lot younger, and honestly I went in to the show not expecting to enjoy it (boy was I wrong) - but I can say that I was brought to a sobbing mess by the end because of him. And I loved it enough for little me to buy my own ticket to see the show with him again.

Michael Crawford
The Phantom that turned my budding interest into full on phanatical love. I didn't actually like his voice at first, because I was expecting to hear someone like John Cudia. But overtime I grew to love it, up to the point that he's definitely one of my favourite Phantoms. I've enthused about him already in another thread so I'll spare you guys here, but yeah, I absolutely adore Crawford's portrayal and will of course always appreciate what he did to create the Phantom's character.

Ramin Karimloo
I first got to know him through the 25th Anniversary performance, and he blew me away. He was powerful, intense, and commanding, but could also be soft and anguished. Overall he was able to portray an immense range of believable emotions, not just with his voice but with his whole body. As a bonus, I think his chemistry with Sierra is the best I've seen between a Phantom and a Christine. His youth added to that, because I think a younger Phantom adds to the dramatic tension in its own way - because it's easier to think that he really has a chance.

Geronimo Rauch
The most recent Phantom I've seen (twice now, including just last night!). Wow, I'm a huge fan of his. It could be because his performance is freshest in my head, but I want to say he is my absolute favourite. His portrayal is the most unhinged of all the Phantoms I've seen, and I love it. His Phantom almost can't control himself, is so desperate for Christine's love, and is definitely a bit mad - but he is also so full of torment, anguish, and suffering that your heart rips apart while watching him. Some actors play the Phantom with an assured sexuality and sensuality, but not him - his Phantom is so unsure of how to act and react, and everything to do with Christine is a new, raw experience to him which is fascinating to behold. He has a beautiful singing voice that melds perfectly with his emotions (be they anger, sadness, despair, longing...), and it's in the subtleties of his performance throughout his whole body that make you understand his character. It's in the tremble of his hands, the audible gasps and sighs, the twitching of his mouth and shaking of his head... it's a joy to watch him perform and truly become the Phantom.
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