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Favorite Raoul  Post [1]

Well, seeing as we have a favorite Phantom and Christine thread, I thought I would start a thread for favorite Raouls.

Mine are, roughly in order . . .

Steve Barton - He set the gold standard for the roll of Raoul, and played him exactly as he should be played: a kind, noble, loving and brave man. Add to that his lovely baritone and you can't go wrong.

Sean MacLaughlin - I saw Sean back in '09 on the US tour, and thought he was excellent. His Raoul was very much an aristocrat, but at the same time was exceptionally loving towards Christine and would do anything to protect her. He was strong and determined, yet charming and affectionate. He also has a beautiful voice, great Chemistry with Trista Moldovan (Christine), and is very handsome. Also, his AIAoY with Trista remains my favorite to this day, and his acting in the FL was exceptional - he really struggled in the lasso and his reaction to Christine kissing the Phantom was quite heart-wrenching.

Jim Weitzer - He's such as adorable Raoul, and has a good voice as well. He reminds me quite a bit of Leroux!Raoul, actually. The impression I get from him is that he's almost as scared of their situation as Christine is, but he's determined to be brave for her sake. He also wins major brownie points for his infamous "ELECTRIC PORTCULLIS!" improv.

John Cudia - Even though he's probably better known for his Phantom, I think he made an equally impressive Raoul. He really stood out to me as being a "guardian" to Christine, and was a very loving, mature Raoul. He has a lovely voice as well.

Simon Bailey - This is based mainly on audio, but I like what he does with the roll. He slips in a lot of ad-libs, such as: saying "I know" after Christine tells him her father is dead and spitting on the Phantom in the FL! (I'd love to see JOJ's Phantom's reaction to that!) He also has a powerful voice and good chemistry with his fellow actors.

Killian Donnelly - Honestly, how can you not love this guy? He's hilarious! This is based entirely on audio, but he seems to play Raoul similarly to Simon Bailey: strong but caring. He and Simon are probably the most active Raouls I've seen/heard in the "Final Lair!" He also has a very good voice.

Tomas Ambt Kofod - The only reason he's so low on the list is because I don't have much to go on, but from the little I've seen/heard and the reviews I've read, he's a top-notch Raoul. He has a great voice and a very nuanced portrayal.
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