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Davis Gaines [Phantom / Raoul]  Post [1]

Here's a thread where we can chat about the fantastic former Phantom (and also Raoul), Davis Gaines. He played Raoul and then the Phantom on Broadway, but is best remembered for playing the Phantom in the Los Angeles production, which later moved to San Francisco and then became the third National Tour. In addition, he played Anthony in the concert version of Sweeney Todd and also starred in Hello, Dolly!, Whistle Down the Wind, Camelot, and many other musicals. You can find out more about him at his official site.

I've never gotten to see Davis perform -- missed a chance to see him in concert back in 2007 -- but I've heard him as Raoul and the Phantom and saw the video of him in the Sweeney Todd. He's simply awesome. ^_^

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Davis Gaines is brilliant, and his version of MOTN is epic. Plus, the fact that he and I share the same shade of hair and eyes makes it even better~!

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