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In what ways is it different from the original. I've heard that the Phantom is more violent, but what exactly does that mean? I'm taking my best friend (who's never seen the show) in October and I want to make sure he sees something just as good as what I saw my first time.

Also, and this is random, but do they still do the chair thing at the end?
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Hi there! There's a topic about this production here, but since you asked a direct question, I'll see if I can help you. I found a review of this production that's really thorough and describes a lot of the details of what the sets are like, the differences from the previous touring version, and how violent the Phantom is in this one. Check it out here! I haven't seen this production myself, so I don't know exactly how things look or how they're done, but this review seems to do a great job of explaining.

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