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Changing Views on POTO  Post [1] »

This is a topic idea that popped into my head, and I'd love to hear input from different Phans. Basically, are there any things about POTO in general that you have changed your opinion on since you first got acquainted with them? They can be anything -- a performer in the stage show you didn't care for at first but is now among your favorites, a film version you used to love but now wouldn't put in your top 5, a perspective on the novel that has changed due to reading it again and being older and wiser, or something else.

One view I had that changed over time was my view on Anthony Crivello, who played the Phantom in the Las Vegas production of the ALW musical from its premiere in 2006 until it closed in 2012. I had watched and listened to some unofficial recordings (and even a TV appearance he did promoting the show), and I really didn't like his voice for the role. I thought he sounded way too rough and lacking in the beauty and control that I thought the Phantom should have. But then, a couple of friends invited me to see the show in Vegas with them. My opinion on Anthony changed completely after seeing him play the role -- I realized it wasn't just about the voice (and even there, I think he had improved quite a bit vocally compared to the recordings I'd heard). What really made his performance work for me was his acting; it was one of the very few times I truly felt like I was seeing Leroux's Erik brought to life onstage. I was stunned when I learned afterward that he hadn't read the novel, either (since he didn't want his performance to be influenced too much by external sources); he was just going by his own intuition and knowledge of human nature, applied to what he knew about the character from the musical's script. But yes... Anthony went from a Phantom I didn't really care for, straight to possibly my favorite actor in the musical.

I've got a few more, as well, but let's see what others post about first.

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Hmm, I have one basic 'change' in POTO opinion: I used to be an adamant Raoul-Hater...couldn't stand him, especially as he messed up Erik's one chance of finding happiness with Christine. However, hopefully I've grown a little wiser, Raoul loves her too, that's all, get over it, right? We wouldn't have the tragic love-triangle if he wasn't in the picture. (Still, I'm more of a Phantom-lover Phan! That's not gonna change. LOL!)

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