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Role Playing Guide  Post [1]

Role Playing Guide

- - - - -

For the use of the boardwide role-playing games and the organized ones carried on by the staff for you to audition, there has to be role-playing rules. Proper role playing format is a must if the RPG's want to go off successfully without any major problems. Keep in mind that role playing isn't as hard as it seems; quality is what counts, not quantity of a post. Short posts can be awesome role playing posts too! Below are a few guidelines to follow:

- - - - -

Role Playing Characters

In order to role-play you have to have a character, right? Making characters can be as easy as just creating a name or creating a new character, unique and entirely different from you. A character has to have at least a name, minor background, and some sort of image to them. Don't post as your self, always post in character. For creating your characters there is a character profile thread listed in the general role-playing forum, ready for you to send in your characters.

- - - - -

Proper Role Playing Format

At the top of each post you need to add your role playing character name in bold, as so:

Raoul de Chagny

Raoul's light brown hair waved in the wind behind him as he clutched his saber, heading down the long spiraling trapdoor through the stage to save Christine. His heart racing fast, the patron was scared of losing his angel of music forever to a horrendous beast like the Phantom.
To do so use bold tags around your characters name, such as: [*b]Raoul de Chagny[/*b]. (Make sure to take out the * * out for the coding for the bold tag to successfully work.) If you have any questions you can ask them in the RPG Problems thread, located in the general role-playing forum. A moderator will answer your question very shortly.

- - - - -

Speech and Actions

Actions must be clearly stated in a paragraph, such as: 'Erik whisked along the outer edge of the ceiling to the opera, glaring at Carlotta as she made a fool out of her own opera.' RPG actions are generally written in third person, the word I is never used. 'I take Christine by the hand' or 'I walk along the opera stage' is not acceptable.

The lonely patron walked by himself, dreaming of Christine.
That following line is what we are look for. Actions are written in third person and past tense as if the following post has already happened. If you're clueless on what to do, don't worry about it too much. You will catch on sooner or later!

Speech must be clearly marked in quotation marks, as so:

(Raoul) "Raoul, don't make me go back down there. He might keep me forever." Christine cried, hugging the sleeves of Raoul's jacket in a tearful, beckoning sob. Her teary eyes looked up at her childhood sweetheart, hoping he would side with her.
When speaking to a specific person put their name in [ ], ( ), etc or whatever to clearly state who your character is speaking to.

Another rule with role playing is to never post another users actions for them. The following is an example of what NOT to do:

Christine gently kissed Raoul, feeling his hands run up and down the length of her spine.
How to properly post actions.

Christine gently kissed Raoul, wanting him to hold her tight in a warm embrace, hoping he would.
Unless the other user has already completed an action you cannot make their decisions for them without their permission. Describing their past actions, reactions, etc. is ok, predicting them is not. Do not harm any other players, under no circumstances in RPG. Never double post RPG, always wait for someone else to reply before you begin again!

- - - - -


Thoughts are posted in italics, as so: Gee, I wish I had a mineral water right now, my throat is killing me. Other users are not able to read other people's minds, please keep that in mind.

- - - - -


Any remarks that are 'out of character', or OOC should be posted as so:

OOC: Just to let you know I won't be posting tonight, see you tomorrow!
After an OOC post make sure to follow with a BIC: tag. Never, ever make OOC only posts in RPG threads unless there is a dire emergency. Only RPG staff or other moderators are allowed to post OOC only posts, keep that in mind.

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