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Calvin Booth

Evea was gorgeous and Calvin was intoxicated by her. Her touch drove him crazy and her nearness made him want to take her back to the bed they had just worked so hard to climb out of. The coffee was helpful too, as it infused his muscles and mind with the energy he would need to face the day. Despite being off for the next few days he would still need all of his energy to keep up with his kids. Parker would go to school for a few hours but since it was a Thursday he would get out early and Calvin would spend the afternoon with his kids, some thing that didn't happen very often. He had talked to Cara about taking the kids to the stable to meet her horse. Olivia was particular excited at the idea and had tottered around the house with Cody as her support, babbling to the dog about horses and riding horses. Though the idea of his little daughter trying to ride such a big animal made him nervous he wanted Olivia to have wonderful experiences in her childhood. Parker seemed mildly interested until he suggested they go get more books from the bookstore about things that interested him. This brought a smile to the boys face and gave him his own outing with his father to look forward to. Parker loved his sister, but Calvin knew his son enjoyed alone time with his dad.

It was this outing with Parker that he invited Evea too. He knew it was a stressful thought for her since meeting Parker was a big deal. If for some reason she didn't get along with Parker, or Parker didn't like her that would have to be taken into consideration going forward in the relationship. He tried to reassure her. He was confident that the woman he held close to him would get along with his son but only an actual encounter would tell him for sure. He also asked her on actual date when he realized how desperately he wanted her again and, pinning her against the wall he allowed himself to kiss her just long enough to wake up the desire in him once more. He almost felt like a newlywed. He and Teresa had been at it off and on for weeks after they gotten married. Despite her being three months pregnant and that sex had been a staple in their relationship for the previous seven years. They had hardly left the hotel that they had booked for the week and Calvin had been lost in the ecstasy of her nearness. It was similar with Evea even though he barely new her. The chemistry was definitely there and she was driving him crazy... in a good way... but the only problem was, he didn't have time to indulge his yearnings at the moment.

"I'd love to" She said, in response to his question about going on an actual date with him. He had placed a scone in her hand for her to eat it. If he was going to court her, he was going to do it right. "Maybe if it all goes well with Parker we could even have a dinner together, all of us even Olivia. I don't want her to feel left out but Calvin I....I don't know how to express how much this means to me." She seemed to be rambling a little and Calvin nodded, but he also didn't want to make any commitments to Evea about meeting Olivia so soon. Parker was used to meeting Calvin's friends. But Olivia was in the stage where she believed that every woman Calvin brought into her life was her new mommy. She had already called Cara mommy a few times and Calvin had been forced to correct her. Yes, Olivia was a little more complicated and Calvin had to be more careful since she didn't seem to understand things as well. It was with thoughts of his kids in mind that he remind her that he couldn't stay much longer. In fact, he needed to get dressed and head out here in the next few minutes. "it's a shame you don't have time to play but maybe, maybe we could have a shower together after breakfast, unless you can think of some other way for me to thankyou." Calvin smiled, amused that she would think showering together was meant to be a thank you. If nothing else it would be a situation where he would control his desire for her.

But he took her up on it, leading her into the bathroom. The steam mixed wiht their heated kisses and gentle caresses. Pleasure bathed them along with the streams of hot water and Calvin took far longer than he had intended. Breathing heavy and smiling he stepped out of the shower quickly, not wanting to be sucked into another round of heated love making. He was late and needed to go. Evea was now finishing her shower and he gestured to her so she knew he was leaving his card on the table. He made a gesture that she should call him as he pulled on his clothes and he could see her smiling thought the fogged door of the shower stall. He gazed at her for a long moment before grabbing his gun and slipping it into the holster. He looked around to make sure that he had every thing he would need. He grabbed his coat and paused at the door. Hoping that she would meet them at Bretanoe's the following day. He had scrawled the time and place on the back of his card. He closed the door lightly on the beautiful night they had had, wondering if it would lead to some thing more than just a sweet, nostalgic memory.

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