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Calvin Booth

Calvin had always had a thing for blondes. He wasn’t sure what it was about them but he had picked Teresa out of a crowd because she was blonde. He remembered that day well. He acted like he was lost finding a philosophy class and she had pointed him in that direction. He had slipped his phone number into her math book when she wasn’t looking and she had actually taken him up on his offer to buy her coffee. She had been the typical perfectionist type, putting studies before Friday night parties. Calvin had been the opposite; though he had graduated top in his class. He had been on the football team and done everything in his power to persuade Teresa to get out and have a little fun on Friday nights. They had been equals in many respects and had also compliment each other nicely. The three years they had dated seriously had been blissful. Full of passionate lovemaking and late night conversations about their future. More than anything, Calvin wanted a family and though Teresa had been very career driven, it had been in the cards for her as well. Yet when she had taken the pregnancy test and the little plus had appeared Calvin knew that she wasn’t ready to have kids. She had been so frantic that the words had just spilled out of him. He asked her to marry him. She had been so shocked she hadn’t been able to say any thing but he had given her his class ring until he could find some thing more suitable. A week later he had come home to their apartment, a note saying she just couldn’t marry him and Calvin had assumed that she had gotten rid of the baby.

A month later he had gone on his first eight-month tour to Iraq. He left against orders when he got a phone call saying that Teresa had kept the baby. He had arrived at her bedside just in time to hold his sweet baby boy that she had named Parker. For her uncle who she had always admired. Calvin would be apart of Parker’s life here and there until he was honorably discharged from the military. When he became Parker’s full legal guardian it had been a shock. He felt like he didn’t know the first thing about being a parent, despite being in his thirties it felt to him as if he had been thrown into open water and didn’t know how to swim. Yet he was slowly figuring it out as he took it a day at a time. He felt even more inadequate with Olivia, who desperately needed a mother. Not that Calvin was actively looking but he liked the idea of trying to incorporate Evea into their lives. He knew she had a troubled past but then again, so did she. He wanted her to feel wanted and so as he handed her the cup of coffee that he had poured for her and thoughtfully sipped from his own he asked her if she wanted to accompany he and Parker to the bookstore. He could see the fear in her eyes the moments the words left his lips. He supposed she had every right to be nervous. He had told her last night how much his kids meant to him and meeting someone else’s kids was really the true test. If his kids didn’t like Evea he really wouldn’t be able to justify staying with her. As he took a sip of coffee and gazed out on the beautiful morning and all the hustle and bustle that came with Thursday in the city he was certain she was thinking the same thing.

The coffee cup in her hand shook and he wrapped an arm around her, trying to reassure her that it would be alright. " would allow me to meet your son?" she said it almost like the thought was sacred and Calvin appreciated that she considered it a big step. It was. They hardly knew each other and yet here he was, wanting to bring her into his kid’s lives. Some thing just felt different. Perhaps there was a chance at family after all. "I...I would love to go shopping with you both. Maybe even buy him a few books, if you'd let me. You said he was into art and I know a few goods ones. Maybe, maybe I could even take my camera and teach him how to use you think he'd like that? I mean it's a great way to study landscapes and..." she had been rambling and Calvin wondered if he needed to remind her to breath as he walked over to the table and picked up a scone. He handed it to her, perhaps eating would help her relax some and take her mind off her fear of ruining her meeting with his son. "I'm sorry. I just, I.....what if he doesn't like me?" The true fear finally came out and Calvin smiled. The only other woman he’d had to introduce his kids to had been Rebecca and she had entertained the same concern. She had been so analytical that she had always tried to explain things with science. Parker still asked about her and Calvin wasn’t sure what to tell him. He was certain that Calvin would get alone with Evea.

Yet to reassure her he set his coffee down on the table and then carefully took the coffee away from her as well. He wrapped one arm around her wait and used his free hand to till her face up to look at him. He searched her face for a moment, the fear and uncertainty were obvious and he smiled as he kissed her forehead gently and then her mouth for a long moment; deepening the kiss for a split second before he pulled away. He smiled at her flushed face and then nuzzled his face in her blond hair, taking in the scent of her perfume which still lingered from the night before. “If I didn’t think it was a good idea I wouldn’t invite you…” he told her honestly as he brushed a curl off her neck and left a kiss in its place. “I’m confident he’ll love you… Parker is very easy to impress and get a long with…” he said with a smile, perhaps he was like his dad in that respect. His lips still lingered near her neck though and he braced one hand against the wall behind them as he felt the hunger for her rise in him again. “I don’t have time to do a repeat of last night…” he said, a hint of sadness in his tone as he let his lips dance along her jaw and find her lips again. “But I think we should go on an actual date…” he mused as he leaned back and gazed her, pausing for a moment to collect himself and catch his breath. “Would you let me take you out to dinner Evea?” he asked, knowing he was putting a lot on her at once but he felt like it wasn’t too fast. They both seemed to know what they wanted and Calvin intended to make his intentions known from the very beginning. If it was too much for her she would have to let him know.

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