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Evea Perry

Evea had never really been a late sleeper, with nightmares filling her head and the thought of being attacked she often found it a very challenging task just to GET to sleep, therefore, the hours in a day meant very little to her. She would often sleep when her eyes became too heavy to keep open and she was sure her tired head would not be bothered with conjuring haunting images.

It was the other reason she had gotten into photography and art really, not just to capture where she was at any one time but also giving her something to do. She could spend hours in a darkroom, or painting letting herself go drifting in and out of other lives like the one she was in now safe warm and maybe even wanted.

She couldn't help but smile as dream merged into real life, Calvin's lips and teeth claiming her ear playfully lighting that spark again. He then told her that breakfast was ready and that she'd have to get up to which she moaned a little pointing out the problem with that only earning herself a few passion filled kisses.

“As much as I want to lay here with you… I promised Parker I would be there to take him to school this morning… he might even give me the cold shoulder for not coming home last night…”

At the sound of his son's name and upon hearing the promise Evea couldn't hep but feel a little guilty.... besides Calvin's smile. How much had she craved spending time with her father growing up, just to see his face and know that someone still loved you?

“Come on… get up…’

He didn't let her linger on her thoughts for too long as he pulled her up and out of the bed, covers falling away leaving them both bear. It was now in the light that Evea found she could see the scars that she had only truly been able to feel last night. The lines across his back the bullet wound so much like her own. Her eyes feel remembering that day only to look up again and see him pulling on a robe.

Having been about to say something about the scares they shared Evea found herself stopped as his arm wrapped around her pulling her toward the window and the city skyline.

“Evea… would you like to go book shopping with Parker and I tomorrow afternoon?”

Had she heard him right? The coffee cup in her hand shook a little upon taking in his words. Her eyes turning toward him.

" would allow me to meet your son?"

Why did it seem like such a big deal all of a sudden? She had met and worked with kids before but somehow this felt different. IN the little she knew about Calvin and the even less she knew about Calvin she couldn't help but feel like this offer hadn't been put forth lightly.

"I...I would love to go shopping with you both. Maybe even buy him a few books, if you'd let me. You said he was into art and I know a few goods ones" she couldn't help but feel nerves rising up. "Maybe, maybe I could even take my camera and teach him how to use you think he'd like that? I mean it's a great way to study landscapes and..."

She found herself trailing off, biting into her lip.

"I'm sorry. I just, I.....what if he doesn't like me?"

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