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You automatically start out with ten roses when you join the site. Although the moderators haven't charged for the last couple of masquerades, that's usually what those roses are for.

Let me explain. The Masquerades are special events periodically throughout the year. Your characters attend-- you write scenes like you would anywhere else on the board, except the Masquerade scenes all take place at a party. It used to be that, in order for your characters to attend, you had to pay a "fee" of five roses or whatever. The current Masquerade doesn't cost a thing, though. You can hang onto your roses in your account or deposit them into an account to accumulate interest. If you do decide to join RP and have a character, you may want to buy them an apartment-- which will cost 110 roses, which you earn through various competitions and helping around on the board or through interest.

Am I being vague or confusing or am I actually helping? lol. If I'm not being clear enough PM me and I can explain to you in more concise terms tommorow morning or afternoon what I'm trying to say.

EDIT: Yeah. What she said. *points at Haley's post*
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