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I feel both men were more greedy than genuine in their pursuit of Christine. I see Raoul as sometimes irrational in addition to falling victim to sometimes not thinking clearly. Almost being frozen to death at Perros, letting Christine talk him into the play engagement are two instances I can think of right off hand. How does this figure as being greedy? I think heís willing to do anything to get Christineís approval and that just doesnít seem all that genuine to me.

Raoul is a very brave man and that cuts both ways. I think his bravery is genuine, but it ends up overpowering his smarts. I admire his fortitude in going after Christine, but he ends up not rescuing her at all. Thereís the time he went into the sea to get her scarf. All fine and good but she was a child. Did the scarf really mean that much to her? He wasnít much older and risked drowning over apparel. So thereís also some immaturity there as well.

As for Erik, Iíll start with the Angel of Music. When men and women are courting I think itís natural to be on best behavior so politeness and gentleness are pretty much a given. But thatís not the real person. Itís a faÁade and I think a form of greed to impress the object of oneís intentions. The Angel of Music persona bothers me a lot. Erik knew the effect of his voice on people. Raoul himself started to fall victim. While he wanted to get to know Christine, using his voice to lure her smacks totally of greediness to me.

Then thereís the fact that he lures her down to his house so he has total control over her. Also a very greedy move. Heís kind and gentle but also very violent, not to mention having his own little torture chamber that heís not only willing, but very gladly shows her.

Just some starters on why I see these men as greedy rather than genuine.
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