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Absolutely! I didn't even think of that... Yes, indeed! He even stalked her and disrespected her, before he had anything to worry about! Another reason why Raoul always makes me angry :/ I'm not a Raoul hater and he can be nice at some points but I hate the way he had NO respect at all for Christine. He was a stalker.

I agree about Erik. He treated her as well, as he could. I don't want to idealize him, because there was so much wrong with him. But he treated her well - at least for his standarts. He respected her. That is a lot. And he somehow was a gentleman. I think he wouldn't even have been ashamed to be called one - considering Victorian men didn't like the term "gentleman" (they took it as a kind of offence!). Anyways, that's an English and not a French thing... But... you know, what I mean...

They both loved her, but they both had some greed in their love. And they both loved her in their own way :/

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