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There is an interesting point to be observed within Raoul's behavior. Prior to there being a reason for 'fearing for her safety' he spied upon her through the dressing room door--this was after she dismissed him. He blatantly disrespected that request and continued to do so time and time again throughout... there is a pattern of Christine telling him to back away, ... we also see Raoul highly disrespectful a number of times when he thinks of how could Christine be acting as she is and not just flying into his arms. He 'returns' to her life and in his perspective she should just be thrilled to be in his arms. He clearly cannot fathom why-ever not! Raoul is rather arrogant in his assumptions if we stick to what little he DOES know at first--which is only that there appears to be someone else that has her attention. He has no real cause for 'concern for her safety' until right before Christine confesses to him on the rooftop. Sorry--but prior to that, from his perspective, it really wasn't his business and he kept doubting her when truthfully at that time there was no relationship.

Erik, well ... all one has to do is read Leroux's scene where Christine describes how he treated her down in his lair. Yes, admittedly he locked her in ... but aside from when she pulled his mask off and was entirely shocked to find the source of such beauty was ... well ... what appeared to be a living corpse ... Erik's mannerisms towards her are described as gentle, respectful, humble, he grovels before her ... he even lets her burn his mask. That to me takes extreme trust. Just isolating his perspective, yes that was love. He was doing what he felt he required was needed for her to take the chance to get to know him. We also learn from the Persian's narrative that she came and went various times apparently with body language that convinced him that she was doing so willingly. I'm not saying that what Erik did doesn't boarder on obsession and that their wasn't a component of greed... I do agree with an earlier remark in this thread--love does tend to have a greed component.

In the end I do believe that both Erik and Raoul loved Christine in their own way. I will always sway to Erik showing more respect overall as is evidenced in the scenes in the original work ... Erik doesn't act malevolently until he is pushed. Raoul on the other hand, demonstrates a repeated doubtful and insulting nature towards Christine rather early on and often with little cause.

Just my opinion.

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