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Wow... that's weird. No worries though, I think I've had weirder dreams.

Okay.... let's see.... last night I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were in the middle of nowhere, no food, water... nothing except a big stretch of land. So we started walking in what we thought was the right direction. And a camel pulled up. The camel was named Mark (too much Rent... wow I'm obsessed). So we climbed on board and he took us an amusement park (O.o) slightly freaked, we went around it, trying not to get lost. Then we approached an ocean and everything was gone.... so long story short, we had to go through different biomes...

And then the night before last, I had a dream about my fractured foot. In my dream, Dr. Crawford (no relation to Michael) came to my house and decided to operate on my foot since it wasn't getting any better. So he numbed my entire body and cut open my foot... the operation was on my couch, which didn't look like my couch... it looked like a mixture between a red version of my boyfriend's couch and a green couch in the movie Jane Eyre. So my doctors idea of fixing my foot was welding it back together... I awoke with an even bigger pain in my foot than before and a pain on the inside of my right elbow (where the IV would have been) and they still have yet to go away.

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