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I had a problem with sleep paralysis for some time, it was more from when I was younger. What I now do is play classical music softly in the background when I go to sleep. Generally it's a bad idea to play music when you sleep, because doctors say that you can't get to sleep completely while music (with lyrics) plays. I might suggest either piano, or there are actually sleep-oriented cd's out there that have senic sounds and backgrounds. Before I got my classical cd's from my grandma, I'd play that. I hope that helps. =)

As for recent dreams, this dream really isn't mine, but a friends.

She had fell asleep during 5th period when we were all laying down in the drama room, and she had the hammoc that was set up for the grade 12 play that was set up for later that night. She apparently dreamed of everyone that was in the room, I was in the corner rocking back and forth and everyone else was around me going "Cheerios?!" repeating it over and over. my my. I think she's just crazy :P

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