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One of the weirdest dreams I've ever had:
I dreamed my dad and I were at some friend of my mom's house and we'd only been there for 30 minutes when suddenly Raven from That's So Raven walks in and starts talking to me and I'm thinking, "I don't really know you. Why are you talking to me?"
Then she asks me where the best place to eat is and I had to give her limo driver directions. So we went to Pizza Hut, where we ran into the other 3 Cheetah Girls, (Adrienne, Keily, and Sabrina), and we ate pizza, talked and hung out.
Then we went back to my house and watched thier first 2 movies,(The third hadn't come out yet at the time of this dream.) and talked and hung out for another hour. Then the Cheetah Girls manager and Raven's limo driver came in and said they had to leave and the last thing I remember is waving goodbye to them as the limo and tour bus drove away.
So weird.
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